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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Death Trap

Did you know that the latest innovation in shortening the life span of a person is this baby:

Because from the picture from above, it might end up like this:

Majority of the cases I've handled are related to motorcycle accidents. And based from my interviews and initial assessment, majority of the accidents are caused by plain stupidity. And plain stupidity involves:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol - Jeez, everyone knows that no one should drink too much and drive afterwards.
  • Doing motorcycle stunts without the proper safety gear and right motorcycle type - Seriously, you're not Evel Kneivel so wear the required safety gear.
  • Driving like the King of the Road - This pisses me off big time. It's the rule of thumb that the motorcycles should be those to adjust tot he big vehicles. But now, it's the other way around. These things can counterflow and get away with it. Talk about cheating death. And when they get hit, they'd demand money from you to finance their hospital bills even if it was entirely their fault.
  • Lack of safety gear - Substandard helmets cannot prevent major intracranial injuries, FYI. So wear the proper motorcycle garb, dammit.
  • Overloading - I often see 3 people on a bike and sometimes 4 even if it is pretty obvious that the capacity of a motorcycle is 2. The extra weight makes it difficult to control thereby making it prone to accidents.

Vehicular accidents, particularly motorcycle accidents can result into minor bruises and serious injuries like loss of an extremity. Even death. 

Although accidents happen even if you're being careful, it can be lessened. That is by following traffic rules. The riders are too much of a daredevil on the road but too much of a chicken wuss when it comes to intramuscular injection of anti-tetanus medications. Talk about raising the moron bar up a notch.

"Miss, masakit yata yan", "Miss, dahan-dahan lang", "Wag mong sasakitan ang turok" are the usual pleas from these daredevils. Ngek. In the first place they should've been more careful so they don't have to be writhing in pain and chickening out on an injection.

So if you're a rider and you're reading this, be extra careful, wear the proper safety gear and follow traffic rules. Kthxbye.

* photos from here and here


The Lioness said...

Actually, I have to agree with you. Did you hear about the recent incident where a girl met her gruesome death by getting dragged by a car, after hitting their motorcycle or something...

It's truly sad how all of this is happening.:(

KC said...

@ The Lioness: Ok, it scared me though I haven't heard about it yet.

Just tell everyone you know to be careful around these things. Even if you don't ride on it, it can get us into so much trouble.