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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Mess = Perfection

Jewel was talking about a Happy Hollywood Halloween, where she'd like to dress up as MK. I agree to what she said about MK being a gorgeous mess. The look is effortless and comfortable...that's why I love it.

But others don't.

I want to be as laid back as possible. I don't know why in this suburban place I call home, hindi matanggap ang staticky hair and unusual ensembles. Usually I get weird looks and eye rolling from the conformists.

Hello, ang saya kayang maging dugyuting weirdo! Look:

Gorgeous staticky hair

Pirate boots + girly skirt = Fantabulous

Although people tease me that it seems as if I don't take a bath, I don't care because I can last the day looking messy. Although I squirm when I get sweaty since I feel so stinky when I do, I rarely fret over making my appearance perfect. It's all about making it work.

Kaya sa mga umirap sa akin sa super market: Betcha didn't think of the shorts/wedge sandals ensemble. Wag umirap kasi di ko pinakialaman ang boring shorts/flip-flop combo ninyo.

Yakkk. Feelingera. 


jungzx said...

It's either a Gorgeous Mess, or the Gossip Girl look that everyone else seems to want to go for. I prefer the former.
As much as Leighton Meester is my lesbian crush of the moment, I love her pics in that magazine you took the picture from... Compared to her too-clean looks in GG. ;P

I love messy. :D

And LOL you linked my Multiply.

KC said...

@ Jung: I also like the off-screen styling of the Gossip Ghels than those of what they wear on the series...

Was too lazy to click on your Wordpress. Lol.

kcat said...

who is MK?
anyway.the girl with static hair is really pretty.

KC said...

kcat: MK is Mary Kate Olsen. Anyway, that girl is so lucky she can get away with everything.