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Sunday, 19 October 2008

The Name Game

I'd play the name game that started from here.

Teh rules iz simple: Share the names that different people call you.

But first, I'll bore you with my name history. My dad really likes the name Kristine Anne. My older sister was supposed to be cursed with that name but my mom beat him into naming her. So when I was born, the name fell on me since it was appropriate to name me as such as I was born a few days before Christmas. So in short, my name is seond-hand. Heh. So let's start the Name Game:

Kristine- This is my "First day name". Whenever I introduce myself as Kristine Anne O. Cervales on the first day of school and/or work, everyone ends up calling me Kristine.

Anne- Only my parents and my relatives call me by this name. It'd be sooo awkward if someone from outside my family circle would call me Anne...I'd definitely ignore 'em.

Tin/Tin-tin- The generic nickname for those with the Kristine/Christine name. People rarely call me Tin in the fear of insulting me because it is obvious that I'm Miss Fat Ass. *ROTFL* Ok, I take it back 'cause that was a lame joke and I'm the only one laughing.

Kristine Anne/Tin Anne- This is what my friends and classmates in Child Jesus used to call me way back in our Elementary years. When people got tired of calling me by my whole first name, some genius removed a syllable to try to shorten it. From there, "Tin Anne" was born.

Ann-ann- The Fungal Name my mom thinks is the best nickname for me. As I was telling in Anna's blog, my mom used the dreaded Fungal Name when she enrolled me in the Capt. Shakey's Birthday Club. So the people in Shakey's BiƱan actually sent me a birthday greeting using Ann-ann.

Kristina- The Rage Name. My mom and dad calls me by this name whenever they get pissed off or get raging mad at me. Kristina isn't complete without the angry tone and the emphasis at the second syllable for me to get the "You're seriously screwed" vibe.

Cervales- Some people who I'm not close with during my high school years have this surname calling tendencies just to identify me from the sea of Kristines in our class.

Celine- This is one of my high school names. It originated from a green joke I cracked in freshman year. Jon (Valdueza) and Aaron (Valencia) got a kick out of the "selinyador" punchline and ended up calling me that. After a few days, they shortened it to Celine. The name stuck until now.

KC- Another high school nickname that stuck until now. Verna was the one who christened me with the nickname because I was calling my then-crush "Troy". Since the Montero siblings were popular back then, Verna decided to call me KC "para hindi obvious na pinagpapantasyahan mo si Kuya Imo Flat". Ok, I'm seriously laughing while typing this. Anyway, because of this nick, I get a lot of questions like "Anong ibig sabihin ng KC?" or "Kamusta na si Ate Shawie?".

Kermit- This started in sophomore year Biology class, after the frog dissection disaster. I didn't put too much effort on my frog anatomy drawing, thereby attracting the attention of Felipe, who said that the frog looks like a speedboat while LOL'ing in between. He's the only one who calls me Kermit until now.

Donya- My RLE groupmate, Riz started this Donya thing. We were on our way home from our duty in PGH-Ward 9 and we were all laughing like crazy about Kai and the ramp at the OBAS. I was laughing so hard when Riz noticed that I laugh like an evil Donya who throws money up in the air. I just added a few details to describe the evil Donya further and we ended up laughing until we went out of the UPCM gate.

Dyosa- Only my colleague, Mariel calls me so. Since we employees are neurotic, we christened her as Dyesebel (and Dr. Sy is Fredo...lol). Mariel wants to spread the neurotic love and picked me as her telenovela counterpart. She thought of a character whose boob cheeks are visible on TV, as Dyesebel. She chose Anne Curtis' centaur form in Dyosa. Nyeh. Tikbalang.

Nurse- Patients who don't know me or try to pacify their fractured kid call me that. Hello, Captain Obvious.

Ganda- The people over at Jazzy's store across our clinic call me that whenever I buy from them...even if they know my name. Smart marketing strategy boosts sales. Lol.

Ate- The bystanders in the store call me Ate even if some of them are actually older than me. They are the unofficial security guards in our clinic so even if I don't know them personally, I greet them back.

So now, I pass on the name game to: Jen, Cors and Ronnel.


Jennie ~ said...

I answered this before :D. Enjoy


verna santiago said...

haha! i remember that... back then nung mabenta pa ang "dahon ng gabi" brothers..lol!

Felipe Cunanan said...

Yes, the speedboat. naalala ko bigla yung drawing mo.

jocell ann cantos said...

..and..and... another name, HOT MOMMAH! ^_^

anna ofilas said...

Speedboat. Haha!

... and "Flat" also stuck with Imo. Funny, good thing he doesn't know we still remember him as that. :)

KC Cervales said...

Okay. I didn't remember. Gah. Sry Jen.

KC Cervales said...

LOL. Natawa ako dun. Remember the "No Scrubs"? Kasi pumapasok sa school ng tuyo ang buhok. Haha!

KC Cervales said...

And I remember your smirk when you saw the drawing.

KC Cervales said...

Ay oo nga. Nakalimutan ko Hot Baby. Ikaw pa naman din ang nagpauso nito. Tch.

KC Cervales said...

Two weeks inulit sa akin ni Felipe yang speedboat na yan. Nung binabalik na ni Ms. Par yung drawings, inaabangan yun ni Felipe with the same smirk he had when he first saw my frog-slash-speedboat art.

LOL @ Imo.

cha cervales said...

may nakalimutan ka... ung tawag ko sau...



KC Cervales said...

^ Haha! Shet. Oo nga no. Ikaw lang ang tumatawag sa kin nyan, di ko pa naalala.