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Monday, 10 November 2008

Coffee Chronicles

After going all serious, it's time for me to cut some slack and rant on something else I love: coffee.

My Coffee History:

I discovered coffee when I was in high school but I only drank whenever there is a difficult exam. I just became a full-pledged caffeine junkie, when I was in college because every exam is hellish. Studying isn't complete without a mug of coffee beside me and my usual nerd gear: thick two-volume books, glue-bound notes, notebooks, pencil case, and my phone with headset. 

When I was a college junior, Sasa, Bebs and I used to study at Starbucks Robinson's Place at the time when it used to be quiet. However, my girls transferred to Starbucks Adriatico and I stayed at the dorm since I was too lazy to come and I am preferring The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  So I settled with my good ol' homemade iced mocha. It's understood that the content of my blood vessels during college is 90% caffeine and 10% blood.

So now, even if I am working, I still guzzle on coffee but I limit it to two cups. One cup is enough to give me energy to last the shift full of toxicity and annoying shizz. Because I believe in:

However, I want to cut down on my coffee intake but my boss doesn't help. He brings a huge container of brewed coffea arabica that is seriously strong and expects me to finish half of it (the other half is his) while he annoys me with his your-boyfriend-is-freakin'-rich-so-you-need-to-watch-out-after-him banter. Hah. Whatever.

Hello, dysrhythmia and neuritis!

And gaaaaah, coffee doesn't keep me awake anymore. I'm immune like dut. However, I noticed that it brings me closer to my friends (or co-junkies?!). A cure for my social retardation and an intervention for the slow degradation of my social life.

I hope that even if it kills me softly, coffee will still bring me and my co-junkies together even if we have different skeds. Too bad the coffee date that we, the Gorgeous Nerds of Dominican (lols) are planning kind of messed up. But as long as there is coffee, there's still a chance to meet up.

And that includes you college peeps. Gaah.

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