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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Stuck In A Rut

My D-Day draws near and I am still nowhere near ready to stain the answer sheets with my trusty ol' lead pencil. I tried to read old science books lying around the house but I can't bring myself to get seriously focused. I can't finish an entire chapter of scientific crapola because my attention span has seriously decreased. The last time I checked, I have my geek gear with me and the right atmosphere, so why the hell am I not focused?!

It scares me shitless to think that this unintentional procrastination lead to self-destruction. I want to get into a decent school so I have to read, read, and fucking read. But I can't, can't, and fucking can't focus that much.

And I don't understand why they have to give out this exam, considering that the schools have their own criteria. Heh.


Is it me or is it just my old high school rising up from the jologs ashes? I read from a friend's blog enrty that the school would have an alumni homecoming and a real concert (with famous bands) as part of its 15th year anniversary. Even if Jewel thinks that Parokya ni Edgar and MYMP is jologs (LOL), I still can't get over the fact that Dominican College is going shushal na. Feel the shushality, people. 


Fangirling time!

I love you even if I think you have gay tendencies because your pants are a little tight in the ass.


Jewel said...

Joe Jonas' pants are way too tight IN THE FRONT TOO.
I don't like them na. They ruined a perfectly good Beatles song. -_-;;

Correction: PnE and MYMP are both meh, bordering on jologs. Pero may redeeming factors pa naman. ;p

Oh hey, good luck!!! Remember, pressure is a GOOD THING! Take advantage of it.:D

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

you can do it! RNs make the best MDs. :-)

KC said...

@ Jewel: LOL. I have to watch Camp Rock again to see the tight at the front. AND IT IS!

No comment on PnE and MYMP.

Thanks. But I'm having a bad case of procrastination and it freaks me out...

KC said...

@ Ruff: Thanks Nurse Ruff! :)