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Saturday, 27 December 2008

TV Times

I was LMAO'ing when I accidentally saw a scene from ABS-CBN's Eva Fonda. Lady Luck is always on our side because these kinds of heavy drama, Eva Fonda style, don't happen to my colleagues and I.

We'd prefer to drink the x-ray finishing solution than to witness it.

Wanna see the scene? Here it is:

Scandalicious Fight At The ER While The Patient Is In Code Blue

Annoying shit. Evar.


Y'all know that the Philippine National Police has a new uniform. The classic polo shirt was utilized. You'd probably think "WTF, this bitch started to care". But I'm here to do some shameless plugging. The embroidered names were consigned to our business.

And I hope that with the continual upgrade of the Philippine National Police, all policemen should practice what they preach...with all the integrity apeshit. And as for you dear reader, if you liked the embroidery, just send a me a pm or inform me through text. kthx. :)


Technically I didn't find out about this from TV, this is TV related. There will be a so-called Pinoy Version of Twilight. And it's confeermed, people. I LOL'ed when someone Photoshopped this poster:

Asteeg. LOL

Sometimes, watching Philippine TV channels and shows can be seriously entertaining because of all the "efforts" that network companies go through. Some would be nice and some would be totally appalling in the end. And I dunno if I'd like the foreign show remakes because almost all shows now are remade.

What do you think of the "Takipsilim" poster?

Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Road To Becoming FUBAR

So I took the NMAT today at DLSU Manila and as expected, I'd have to guzzle on battery fluid to keep me going until the results get released. I came early because I want to calm down before I start the exams. But when I arrived, the line was batshit crazy.

Lame attempt for a shot of the crazy queue

I thought I was going to wallow in this by myself and surprise, surprise! Padi saw me and was texting each other like crazy since he's already inside and I was just entering DLSU. And while I was thinking that I might be needing another pencil because I only bought one, then came the people of Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health handing out flyers and *gasp* ASMPH logo pencils.

Not your average giveaway pencil. Mongol yan. Sushal.

When I got in the gate, I was reading the few instructions posted. Since I wasn't wearing my glasses and because of that, my head began to hurt a few minutes after. That's when FUBAR Phase I started. In case you don't know, FUBAR means Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

I immediately put on my glasses after finding my room. So I was texting some friends in order to calm down, even if my headace now radiated to the occiput. So to cut the crap, I took the stupid test with a bad-ass splitting headache that's why I wasn't able to finish answering. Our proctor is nice because she was worried about me and kept on asking me if I was really ok. I just say "YES" with a smile even if I wasn't. I don't want to scare her further.

I don't know if I even did well on the second part because my head seriously hurts. Padi is worried about his results because he's as unprepared as I am because he's working too. But he's not as fucked up as I am.

So now, I'm not bitter at all about the percentile but I was bitter about the fact that I wasn't able to answer the test even if it was OK can be answered even with minimal review. I'm just hoping for the convincing powers of my Transcript of Records to cover up the mess of my NMAT. I hope that other schools that I have applied at will look beyond my botched percentile. Because if they don't, then my "Med School Dream" is srsly fucked up beyond all recognition.

Goodbye, UPCM. Gamitin mo na lang ang binayad ko sa pagpapaganda ng pasilidad mo.

On a lighter note, I will have my eyes checked up this week. Maybe my astigmatism got worse since my headache started last week on an irregular basis. FYI, it gets worse when the person lacks sleep.

Oh well, good luck na lang sa results. *crosses fingers*

Saturday, 6 December 2008

I Want!

When Photoshop aficionados are seriously bored, they can tweak almost everything. Like this pseudo-Twilight photo.

Lovin' the classic Evil Waldorf look

I want to learn Photoshop so I can tweak the photos of The Wedding of the Year. Talk about changing the bride's face with mine...major LOL.

Seeing Mimi's new post made me want to go and spend for any of these babies:

Since stores rarely carry Keds footwear, I still want one of these:

But seriously, what I REALLY want now is to:


The exams are drawing near. I'm sorry if it comes as a big deal to me. It's because I read few notes for all that scientific and tortuous mathematical stuff...aside from the fact na jologs ako. LOL. Wish me luck. 

Friday, 5 December 2008

The Count

I can't look at this photo again without LOL'ing...

Jeez, I didn't know that Count von Count lives here in Sta. Rosa *snigger*. I dunno if I'm just a Sesame Street fanatic or just mean ghel to ever notice the similarity between The Count and that please-clean-my-one-month-old-post-op-site-or-I'll-fucking-die dude who often comes to the clinic even when not necessary.

I swear, they do look alike. Minus the purple skin, widow's peak and vampire fangs.

On a lighter note, his visits to the are de-stressing because I can't help LMAO'ing whenever I see him. That's why even if his hypochondria annoys the hell out of me, I'll take that blow because it's my penance for laughing at him.

I'm so bad. Spank me. *spank, spank, spank*