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Friday, 5 December 2008

The Count

I can't look at this photo again without LOL'ing...

Jeez, I didn't know that Count von Count lives here in Sta. Rosa *snigger*. I dunno if I'm just a Sesame Street fanatic or just mean ghel to ever notice the similarity between The Count and that please-clean-my-one-month-old-post-op-site-or-I'll-fucking-die dude who often comes to the clinic even when not necessary.

I swear, they do look alike. Minus the purple skin, widow's peak and vampire fangs.

On a lighter note, his visits to the are de-stressing because I can't help LMAO'ing whenever I see him. That's why even if his hypochondria annoys the hell out of me, I'll take that blow because it's my penance for laughing at him.

I'm so bad. Spank me. *spank, spank, spank*

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