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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Fancy Coffee Is Not Always Yummy

As a night owl, I can’t survive without my caffeine fix be it coffee, tea or chocolate. Well, except for soda. I consume coffee the most so I am meticulous of how the strength of my coffee should be. I like my coffee strong and cold. Yum!

I don’t usually experiment with coffee variants, except for seriously desperate times. A couple of days ago, there was no regular Nescafe 3 in 1 available so I opted for the Sweet ‘n Creamy variant.

I was expecting it to be as strong as the regular variant, only it is sweeter and thicker in consistency. For the few peso difference in the price, it should be. After my first gulp, I went WTH. It’s like a diluted version of my coffee. Unlucky me, Mercury Drug is already closed so I can’t buy the plain coffee to add to the disappointing mix (Disclaimer: I rarely buy at Mini Stop because the patong is ridiculous. Preposterous even.).

Nescafe should try to look into the possibility of labeling their products as regular, mild, or PVC inducing. That’s all.

InfoNURSEtion Goes For The WIN! Again.

Whenever I get hold of a copy of the InforNURSEtion, I get really giddy. It’s like a mix of nostalgia and anticipation. That’s because I belong to the batch of students who revived the paper and knowing the moderator, Ms. Mary Ann Pascual’s penchant for something new every issue is just exciting. And it’s also because I’m a freak. Lol.


This paper has gone a long way from the first issue we launched when I was a college junior. My position as sports editor is now defunct (HAHA!), there are new segments that are added, and the ZOMGWTHZOMGWOW moment is that when it was chosen to represent St Paul Manila in the Catholic Mass Media Awards Student Paper Category. Even though we didn’t win, I must say that the InfoNURSEtion keeps getting better and better.

But you guys didn’t escape my watchful eye for I have some comments. Tee-hee.

First off, the image used in the cover was kind of pixelated. You can see that when you take a closer look. I suggest that a high-res image be used for those profile close-ups so that if ever there is a need to enlarge the image, it’d still be sharp. Secondly, please put credits for the photos. We don’t want to be accused of violating the Intellectual Property Rights law. I practice it on my blog because I read in the newspaper that there is strict implementation of that in cyberspace. I don’t know if it’s applicable in print media but I hope it’s practiced to avoid future problems. Also, some of the photos are dim. Please adjust the brightness and/or contrast so that there’s no need to squint or whatever. That’s all.

And I like the idea of featuring exceptional alumnae. Although it takes too much work selecting and interviewing the person, it’s a segment that’s worth reading. It’s inspiring actually, because you get to be informed of the fields in nursing practice that you can probably excel in and that their success story is just motivating.

Keep up the good work, you guys.

Hu U?

Whenever I pass by Taft Avenue, I always look at this certain ad board on the LRT1 pillars:

Wala lang. That guy is HOTTTT! I wonder what his name is…type ko kasi sha. LOL.


Major Upgrade

Oh look at what I saw at the corner of 680 Pedro Gil St., Malate Manila:

It’s a revamped version of The Paulinian, in a magazine format. SAY WHAT?! Yes, a magazine format. And wait a second! It is a reminiscent of a certain college paper I used to write for. Hmm…InfoNURSEtion, is it? Anyway, since I’m an evil hag, I browsed the pages to see if there are any content that is facepalm-worthy. In fairness, there is almost none. Major improvement. Even I surprised myself for being awestruck. Not bad.

However when I started reading some articles, I went WTH. As usual, the activities of some colleges especially the College of Nursing’s activities are not noted. That is FAIL #1, which for me is always the roadblock of this school paper: unbalanced reporting. Another thing is that it was total election overkill. I appreciate their effort to raise the awareness of exercising your right to vote but I found some of the articles redundant at some times because it all boils down to one message. But it’s ok, at least the redundancy is for a good cause so I won’t rate it as a FAIL.

But then, the Vox Populi part is what made me facepalm for real. When I read the comments regarding the Turnstile ID system, I had to cringe. Well, who wouldn’t cringe if you have read that the line at the ID terminal causes them to be late? There’s a simple solution for that and it doesn’t involve the administration. COME TO CLASS EARLY! And to avoid a long queue, wear your ID so you won’t have to fish it out of your bag when it’s time to swipe your ID. WTH. Some comments are so superficial that I wanted to burn that section. I won’t be surprised if one of these days I will hear that “Paulinians are whiners” or “Paulinians are idiots” because their problem is so simple and the solution is sitting on the top of their heads. In relation to these out of logic survey responses, I am hoping that next time there must be active selection of what is going to be included in the paper. Srsly because it was a total survey response FAIL.

Also, I don’t know if I was too baked reading my Biochemistry book or that I am just plain unimaginative, but I DIDN’T GET THE ABSTRACTION OF THE COVER. Honestly when I look at it at a glance I see cow turd and when I stare at it, it’s like a mutated walnut. I don’t mean to be crass but that’s just my observation. I hope that catchy colors were utilized to liven up the front page since this is the maiden issue of the new The Paulinian. I won’t rate it as a FAIL because I can’t go and create a magazine cover like the artist did. It’d probably look mutated all the time. Haha!

On the bright side, I liked most of the contents. It’s audience-friendly therefore there are high instances that the students will actually read what’s in it. I applaud the staff of The Paulinian for this brave move. There’s always room for improvements so I’m not that hard on you guys. I’m actually glad for this overhaul because the format is now appropriate for the contents.

If you guys are to ask me if I’d keep this copy, I say I would. It wouldn’t end up in the same fate that its predecessors had been: as a stain guard for my bed.

Monday, 30 November 2009

How I Roll (Nerd Style)

People ask me what are my study techniques and I answer with a photoblog:

Exhibit A: Patayin sa Katoxican ang Sarili

Exhibit B: Eksenang Yakult

Exhibit C: Coffee + Milk = ZzZzZz

Exhibit D: Textbook = Coloring Book

Exhibit E: Trace the Pattern on the Slide

So hey, talk nerdy to me.

Talk Geeky To Me

I have been addicted to this game since the time that my cousin Jaristi installed this game in my laptop. It wasn’t that popular yet when we first played it. It’s like, my detox whenever I feel so tired from reading all of my textbooks. Now that it’s all the rage, I found out that a lot of my classmates are playing the game. Even during class. W00t!


And I find it funny that in class, when one is playing, those who know the game huddle up behind the player and watch. By rough estimation, about 15% of the class is watching, including me. LOL. And there in that small huddle, we share some tips and techniques on how to surpass the Survival Endless. It’s like a meeting of the Secret Society of Geeks because those who are not in the know will go WTF if they try to invade the circle.

To think that I’m not that comfortable talking with my other classmates yet, but when we converse about Plants VS Zombies, we can talk for as long as we want. Haha! I prefer that more than being invited to drinking sessions. I love being a geek.

Geeks unite!

Walang Magawa sa Buhok

My hair is so staticky that it has a life of its own so it’s kind of hard to style. Even though it’s like that, I love my hair. And telling me to have my hair rebonded won’t work because I don’t want to get lost in the sea of stick straight hair plus it’s a fuss to maintain it. I’d rather keep the money and have a Serena van der Woodsen vibe. Kthx.

Since I’m maarte like dut, I use colorful hair clips and headbands. Wala lang. Pauso. That’s how I make up for the unruliness of my tresses. And here’s the latest addition to my collection:

Parang Sadako lang...

I’m feeling so bored that I want to cut my hair. When I was watching One Liter of Tears, I saw Asumi-san’s adorable fringes that I wanted to have my bangs cut like hers.

However, I’m having second thoughts if I’m going to have bangs again because 1. It’s generic, 2. Insecurang Frog has bangs and 3. I don’t like the extra fuss in styling my hair.

Thinking about reason #2, how about a no?

70% WIN, 30% FAIL

I browse through magazines at Coffee Bean whenever I am there. There’s this particular magazine that I like because of the content and the inexpensive but cute stuff that they feature. However, I find the cover girl totally wrong. If it weren’t for the big “TRAVEL ISSUE” plastered on the front page, I wouldn’t have picked it up. I totally understand that despite the talent crisis that your cover girl is in right now, she’s popular like dut so she brings in the cash.

Constipated look

But anyway, nice try Stella Magazine.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Dramatic Movies and Telenovelas Are Actually Hilarious

I admit, I watch telenovelas and movies (as long as it's by ABS-CBN. LOL). Sometimes, I just cannot take the excessive cheese and the heavy drama but it's fine with me. It is what makes the movie or telenovela uniquely Pinoy. However, I ROTFL and go WTF when I see total medical situation FAILs on local TV series and movies.

Here are some of the best (or worst) failures I've seen:

Tracheostomy FAIL in Totoy Bato- The girl acting as a patient has a tracheostomy tube and she is delivering a one page script audibly...with no difficulty. Like she doesn't have a trache at all. Ate Richie and I sniggered loudly at the bus while this girl went on to the second page of the script.

Labor, Delivery Assistance and Thermoregulation FAIL in Katorse- Nene (Erich Gonzales) is primigravid (first time mother) and she gives birth immediately because I think her cervix dilated to 10cm and went into a 100% effacement in a snap. And the one who attended to her is Jojo (Enchong Dee), who seems to be really adept into assisting deliveries because he flawlessly delivered the baby. He caught the baby (with no vernix caseosa at all and with massive amounts of clotted blood on the skin) and passed it on to Nene, who made chummy with the unclothed baby for like, 5 minutes tops. And the baby seemed OK. I facepalmed. For real.

Endotracheal Tube FAIL in a GMA telenovela I can't remember- The guy acting as a patient is just biting the balloon end of the endotracheal tube but is secured with a ridiculous length of Leukoplast. I stopped myself from LOL'ing in the bus.

Endotracheal Tube FAIL in a Bong Revilla movie- After Bong Revilla was told that he should go back to earth because it isn't his time to die, he fell into some vortex. And then the next thing he knew is that he's ALIVE. Oh goody! But he felt something on his mouth and he pulled that pesky ET tube out his throat. And he felt no pain. Actually, I was the one who grimaced at what he did. Not because I can feel the pain, but because it was a total FAIL.

Code Blue, Cardioversion and Expiration FAIL in almost all dying scenes- The patient is deteriorating. Oh noes! So he/she gathers the family around him and goes on with a monologue about his/her dying wishes. Then after saying a 4 page script, the patient stops speaking and closes his/her eyes and the cardiac monitor beeps as it goes flat line. There is no one who will call the nurse or the doctor. Instead, they will all hug the deceased. Magically, medical staff will appear with the apparatuses during the hug sessions. No emergency drug will be given and they will immediately proceed to CPR (complete with the wrong hand placement and hand lock), simultaneously with defibrillation (even on a flat line).

Endorsement FAIL in a GMA afternoon soap- Camille Prats is a nurse in this series. There was a scene wherein she will go on duty. I thought that she's making her rounds with a colleague but I realized that they're endorsing in front of the patient. I laughed maniacally that my boss went WTF. Okay, so it's time saving if we do that in the actual area, no?

These medical situation failures influence the perception of the people regarding actual medical conditions. People get the wrong idea and sometimes this is hard to change. We'd have to explain more or less, 5 times before they actually get it.

Maybe if I'd make my own drama, I'd take time to explain the details of the disease in the best possible way. People hate technicalities so I'm guessing that my series will be a major flop.

I Hate Nursing Uniform FAILs

Ever since I got into the big wide world of Nursing, I always make it a point to check my general appearance, including the uniform. Actually, I'm very particular with the uniform because it serves as my identity as a nurse. I don't like fitted uniforms because it restricts my movement. Screw it if loose uniforms make me look bulky, as long as I can raise my hand, run, bend without difficulty. My training at St. Paul has opened my eyes that your appearance will add an air of authority so you need to keep it respectable.

That's why I LMAO'ed when the Philippine Nurses Association filed a complaint regarding the slutty uniform used in Pinoy Big Brother. Total nursing uniform FAIL. The first time I saw it, I smelled trouble. For the record, there is no Nursing Service administrator who will design a uniform for the ladies in which tits would pop out of the blouse and skirts with crotches and lower buttcheeks will be exposed at the slightest bending, like these examples:

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

Total nursing uniform FAIL.

...unless those service administrators are high on crack.

Whenever I see people wearing sexed up nurse's uniform in commercials or programs, I get pissed off. And to top it off, these people also wear the nurse's cap, which totally annoys the shit out of me. Knowing how media strongly influences the mindset of its viewers, the slutty uniforms and the rowdy behavior of the dressed up people negatively affect the image of nurses. It's bad enough that we get to be labeled as “katulong ng doktor”, “tagahugas ng pwet” and other forms of stereotyping, being disrespected on the job takes the cake. I've experienced getting comments from patients like, “Sana miniskirt na lang ang uniform mo” while checking IV fluid levels. They wouldn't even think of that if they don't get any ideas from crappy TV shows or commercials. It's totally awkward and annoying, I tell you.

I am strongly against the use the uniform and cap as a costume on TV if the characters won't carry it with proper bearing. If they are so desperate to dress up as nurses, get a white shirt dress minus the cap and pretend to be one. That's when you can really shout out like a maniac, “Naka-costume ako na pang-nurse. Woohoo!”.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

To My Dear Frenemy

I know you said sorry for everything that you did to me. But rly, I won't accept it because it's going to be like this all the time. If Friend #1 hadn't told you that you were being a colossal beeyatch, you wouldn't even realize it in the first place.

For the record, I don't like how you look at me whenever you see me happy. I mean, you shouldn't even think that I'm gonna cry for your loss. I hate to break it to 'ya but you're wrong. If I'm totally desperate to have you back and restore the friendship, I would've crawled on fours, begging for you to stay. But boo-hoo because I never beg for something of little importance. Like you.

But since I still have this little morsel of concern for you, let me give you a piece of friendly advice: if you can't say it in English, just say it in Filipino. I'd totally understand. You see, you can be sushala even when you speak Filipino. Rly. Plus you don't have to shove it up our asses that you are more sushala than anyone else by insinuating that you have never ever spoken a word of Filipino.

Unfortunately for you, we lowly sea creatures are sensitive to grammatical and intonation fails. So we're not buying your gimmickry that you have never spoken a word of Filipino. Srsly.

And if a guy is with me, don't crane your neck and do a 360 degree turn because it's so obvious. I know that you're in the middle of Erik Erikson's intimacy vs. isolation so stop torturing yourself by not looking. Just don't. You'll end up asking yourself the same question over and over again: Bakit wala pa akong boyfriend?! And uh, reality check: not every guy I'm with is a love interest. Ano beh, why do you always think that they are romatically linked with me? Again, stop the self torture. It's annoying.

And your loaded god complex? Deflate it because it's not healthy. It's getting to your head. Rly. There will come a time that you won't be able to carry your head on your shoulders. Be brave enough to admit that you have failed or have made a mistake. It feels so good to have finally accepted that you failed. Trust me I know, after accepting my first ever, all time academic FAIL. It's part of being a person, like you always say whenever someone kisses you off. Then why not practice what you preach?

Being a whole new person is fun but when you reinvent yourself for the worst, I rate it:

vouz m'adores, de nites pas le contraire

Of Bitterness and Non-Friday the 13th Misfortunes

Takte. First time kong maging bitter sa pagkakabagsak ko sa exam. I know it's lame but I just can't help it. I stayed up srsly late just to finish reading Histology that's why I'm sew disappointed. Not to mention, it's my first time to get an epic fail on a test that I actually studied for. Though I got a much worse epic fail on Physiology test last time, I can accept that because I gave up on it. Aaargh! Put Tang in a glass talaga. Bwisit.

Prior to the epic failure, I woke up at 7:40AM. Holy &#@*Y^^R! The exam's at 8. I took a bath in a jiffy and just threw on my clothes. I was freakin' tensed because the proctor might not let me in if I'm late. Luckily I was able to make it. Crunch time! And that's misfortune #1. Misfortune #2 is that my password in the computer exam won't work. I tweaked it a little bit and I accessed my exam after 45 eons. The epic fail is misfortune #3.

Physiology was kind, in fairness. However, when I got home and read my Anatomy notes, *($@^)#! I realized that I was answering the wrong stuff. I call it misfortune #4 because I already read those topics during our break and I got confused. Tch. Pero pwede na rin itong i-classify na katangahan. Lulz.

Kamalasan nga naman. In short, good luck na lang sa exam results. Booyeah!

Right now, I'll enjoy my sem break. Mmm mmm GOOD!

The Big Help

September 26, 2009. This day goes down in the history of my pathetic life and as well as the history of the Filipino nation. Hundreds of lives were lost as Typhoon Ondoy (internationally known as Ketsana) mercilessly ravaged everything in its path. It is also the day that the Filipinos became united as a nation to help out those who were badly affected.

And here comes another destructive motherfucker, Pepeng.

Now I know how the evacuees feel after being stranded at school. I vowed that I'd help out as soon as I fix myself. And as the first part of my “Big Help” thingy, here are additional places I know of that we can drop off donations:
  • Donations are accepted in St. Paul University Manila, Student Affairs Office c/o Ms. Patria Fortes.
  • San Beda College in Mendiola, Manila is also accepting donations daily from 7:30AM till 6PM, spearheaded by the Law Student Government at St. Maur's Hall. Other student governments are also helping out the LSG in acquiring other donations.
  • For Globe subscribers, text RED5/25/50/100/300 to 2899.
Though this is a seriously late post, let's give more goods because food supply for the evacuees in some areas aren't sufficient as their houses and resources are still down. Thx.

Contest Prize Winner

I am totally unlucky when it comes to raffles, promos and contests. Whenever my purchases qualify for a raffle stub, I fill it up for the sake of well, filling it up because I don't expect to win anyway. The first time that I won a contest was way back in second grade where I won a Greenpeace shirt and the last time I won was in fourth grade, when I won a mini pillow both for a treasure hunt during the Intramurals at Child Jesus Academy. After that, my losing streak went on and on.

However, my 12 year drought was broken when my mom informed me that she got a letter from Manila Ocean Park because I won a prize from their “Win Fabulous Prizes” promo.

WAIT. What?

Uh huh. I actually won. W00t! I found out during Physio class, just as I am beginning to be bored. I got rly excited that I wanted to LOL in class after I read my mom's text message.

I won Fish Spa tickets for 2. Hee! I so love the Fish Spa even if it makes me laugh like a frikken idiot because the doctor fishes tickle me. I'm going to drag my mom to come with me because both of us have badly calloused feet. I just hope that the fish won't choke when they nibble on my feet.


Mommy, Cha-mu, and Ate Richie in the Fish Spa

Barracudas o piranhas may be more effective. Not only they will effectively nibble off the callous completely, they will even gobble your feet off. Haha.


Lost: Idiot Edition

September 26. Saturday. Yeah! Last day of classes for the week. I was planning to go home as soon as Biochemistry class ends. While I was planning this, I noticed that it wouldn't stop raining and it is getting worse by the minute. As I was looking outside the window in disdain, I have this gut feeling that this day would be different. By lunchtime, water in the football field was rising fast and it's spilling over the Snack Bar. Ugh. Not good. But hey, the rain might stop and the water will subside.

But it didn't.

Water from the field is now entering Dom Felipe Cafe and it's rising fast. Oh noes. And to make things even scarier for flood neophytes like me, flood in the Quad is rapidly rising so my friends decided to scoot home ASAP. Odette and I stayed behind because we can't go home because it is a fact that manholes are opened in Gastambide whenever there is flood.

I kept on checking the water level every once in a while but every time I look out, the sight isn't pretty. The water in the Quad is rapidly rising, including the filthy, putrid water in the creek beside San Beda. I saw the people in the Legarda Station frantically running for shelter as the strong wind blew and heavy rain poured in torrents. My prediction is that the rain won't stop within the day so Odette and I would probably spend the night in school. I also sent out mass texts to some friends to ask how is it within their area. And the answers are all the same: “baha na”.

OK. Totally not good. In a lame attempt to lighten up the mood, I fooled around with “Dinamita”. But I can sense that there is more up ahead.

Brave Staff

At around 6:30 PM, Ondoy geared up for its final assault. Without warning, the rain suddenly poured down and the wind blew. HARD. The water in the quad rose waist deep and it now reached the offices in the first floor. That's when I knew my earlier prediction will come true: We're stuck at St. Benedict's Hall for the rest of the night. To be honest, it's my first time ever to be stranded. Dr. Francis Cid, our dean, is also there with us. He kept on checking the water level and even provided us with food and water.

To be honest, I didn't feel scared at all because everyone still has a smile in their face. Plus, we were staying with the Nursing faculty, who by the way, are srsly hilarious people.

Hello sunrise! The water is still high as there is no major outlet within San Beda, according to Dr. Cid's fact finding. So Odette and I decided to traverse icky flood water, since it wouldn't reach our pudendal area anymore. After getting Dr. Cid's nod, we set off to the Abbey where the water is slightly lower than in the main gate. Another first for me to go into a floody street. Luckily, there's a pedicab waiting near the deepest part of the flood so we rode up to Gastambide.

I got home at around 9AM. And I'm thankful that my family and I are OK. My dad was worried sick, he kept on calling each one of us. He has rly worried about me when he found out that I was stranded.

I'm OK, Daddy.

But it still breaks my heart to see the aftermath of Ondoy. :(

Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Phantom Menace

After I saw the teaspoon on my mug stir all by itself in the dead of the night, I have been pretty jumpy on all things possibly supernatural that's happening in my dorm. Fine, I'm going paranoid. Thankfully, I haven't experienced anything after the "Moving Teaspoon On My Mug" incident.

Until two days ago...

I came from a sleepover (in my sisters' dorm, kthx) and I immediately fixed my stuff for school. I laid my wallet on my bed and didn't touch it since I was also eating. Then as I am going to pick up my wallet from the bed and stuff it in my backpack: HOLY @(^%)#&*^#*. Nawawala ang wallet ko! Wala namang kukuha nun, mag-isa lang ako.

I looked everywhere even if I'm positive I didn't touch it. And it's totally impossible for me NOT to see it immediately because it's wide and red. Plus I placed it beside my Physiology book. So I entertained the possibility of a Phantom Menace. Feeling frustrated, I closed my eyes and said "Taena mainit na ang ulo ko, ilabas mo na ang wallet ko". As I opened my eyes, I freaked.


I almost died.

I hope my mind was just playing tricks. Sana si Aling Dionesia na lang ang kumuha, natanggap ko pa ang scare factor.


Well, excuse me for living.

Ghost Rider photo source Aling Dionesia Photo Source

Monday, 7 September 2009

Random Photo of the Bored

See, even Evil Kitty is BORED.

Save us. Boredom KILLS.

End of Long Weekend

This weekend, I have completely regained my interest in coming back to school, although I'm still too lazy to flip open my books. Like I what I have chirped on Twitter, I haven't done anything med related this week. Bakit ba, pahinga muna ako. Hindi naman ako si Curacha no.

But srsly, after the horrendous results, I vow that I will do better this time. So with that, I'm dropping the long weekend mode and I gotta go:

...before I feel further laziness creep in. Anyway, September 21st will be another vacation time so there's more time to chillax once more.

Later, kids.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Zino Zha?

I'm getting weird invites on Facebook. And this one made me go WTF:

Hindi ko siya kilala. But since I'm on a good mood, I just thought that he's just a friend who's using an alter ego for online accounts. So I checked his profile first. Here's what I saw:

In fairness, pang mowdel ang dating. Parang pang-summer campaign lang ng Gap. I noticed he's of the same age as my sister Charmaine. Ang natatawa ako kasi di siya mukhang uhugin unlike the local dudes who are of the same age he doesn't look 20.

But still, I don't know him personally so kiber lang ako, Kuya.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

I ♥ The JabbaWockeeZ

I was at TriNoma last night with my sisters to watch the JabbaWockeeZ work it on the dance floor. LIVE. Whoopee! Screw the exams since my brain is on a non-absorption mode and the boys just come in rare moments. However, it's sad that I didn't capture the event because I don't have a decent camera with me and that the people at my back are so malikot that whenever I try to take photos with my camera phone, it gets blurred.

Here's the only photo I took:

And it sucked pa. Pfft!

Some lucky bastards who were able to get those much coveted stubs/passes, were able to have their picture taken with the boys. I wanted to have a solo with Kid Rainen pa naman. Tch. Fangirl mode ako eh. Here's a snippet of the kickass performance of the JabbaWockeeZ:

The place was packed and I didn't know I'd be able to withstand the heat and the huge crowd.

Probably it's because...I ♥ The JabbaWockeeZ. =)

crowd photo from ÜberTwitter

Three Week Hell

I'm in an altered state of sanity during the past month. Someone had this really bright idea of scheduling three exam weeks in succession. I just said to myself, "Well, welcome to med school, you little ambitious fart". I have to comply, study and pass. Though the passing part is quite so-so, I got my act together and tried to study.

The first week was perfectly fine, because I was able to study everything. I'm satisfied with the outcome because I passed everything, including my most loathed subject, Biochemistry and the nose bleed inducing Physiology. I'm happy with my marks because it beat the passing grade. Not bad for a twisted little freak like me.

Second week is just OK. Expected to flunk Neuroscience. Ok, kaya pa even if I'm not feeling well and my eyes are all puffy again.

The last week is the time that I think I was about to crack. I'm already feeling the laziness. creeping in. It's the time that my brain figuratively went into shut down. No more info is coming in and I'm freaking out because I know I need to study but my traitorous brain won't focus. So I arranged my stuff to motivate me...but I did it in vain. Maganda pa naman ang arrangement ko. Hihi!

But I didn't come to the point that I want to quit. I won't quit, even if I may develop premature ventricular contractions or neuropathy due to excessive coffee intake. I want this for real. Srsly.

Speaking of OC-ness, while I was amusing myself on my study break, I compared the number of my highlighters from pre-med days to med school days. In pre-med, I used to have two highliters. Now, I have four (pink, yellow, blue, and green) and I have to LOL at my books kasi nagmumukha nang coloring book sa dami ng kulay. Look:

Parang pinagtripan lang ng adik

Though I flunked Physiology and got mediocre grades in Anatomy of the third week, I don't freaking care now. The Three Week hell is done and I'm so happy. =)

Another First!

Since I'm studying at San Beda in Mendiola, I am preparing myself for rallies. One, afternoon, I got to experience one while my friends and I were eating yummy street food by the bridge. Since I'm totally new when it comes to these things, I took pictures to document the event and my ka-engotan.

See it in chronological order:

1. The rallyists marching towards Mendiola...

2. Invasion of the area

3. Attempting to remove the barricade

Adik, talagang kinunan ko ng picture. Haha! Wala lang, it's just interesting for a first timer like me to see how a rally progresses. Kthx.

Make Up For Blogging Fail

Okay, so I have lots of good stuff to blog about in the past weeks but I haven't been able to do some posts because of the Three Week Hell. And what the eff is the "Three Week Hell"? It's the very unfortunate circumstance that you get to have 2 weeks of exams in major subjects and 1 week of exams for your minor subjects in succeeding fashion. O di ba? Napakasaya. Kaya ngayon, malabnaw na sabaw na ang utak ko. 


Sooooo, I'm going to post everything right now because I have a lot of time in my hands now. Not to mention, I need to solidify my brain once again through blogging and being lazy (for now). W00t!
Sit back, relax and enjoy the show at my actual blog. Later, kids.

The First Time I Went To Baha-mas

Back in my college days, I've never experienced bad ass flood on the way to school. Even during the time of typhoon Milenyo, Malvar Street wasn't flooded. That was the perk of living and studying in a place with good drainage system.

Fast forward to the present, I'm on the process of getting used to traverse on flooded streets on the way to school. The U-belt is flood prone, as opposed to Pedro Gil. As my friends from UST said, "Umihi lang ang aso, babaha na". Lol. So when it rained hard one Friday mid-morning, the result is a major flood. When I looked out the window, my jaw literally dropped when I saw that our street is flooded. I have no clue on how high the water level is. And I have no intention to find out, especially after I saw gross stuff floating. Just by looking at the murky water, you'd know that you'd acquire full-force leptospirosis. To make matters worse, we have an exam on Anatomy and the school admin won't cancel it. *insert sarcastic tone here* Whoopee!

As a neophyte to flood, I am so clueless to what I should do. But thank goodness for pedicabs. The manong asked me to put my feet up as he bravely went through the flood. And boy, the water level is really high. Plus the river beside San Beda was overflowing. Naloka ako. First time. But I got to school safe and dry, thanks to Manong pedicab driver. Not to mention, I passed the exams even if I was too preoccupied by the flood.

I was too stunned to even take a picture. So when I had the guts to capture it, I was on my way home to Laguna already. The water level is not that high anymore.

Oh well, there's always a first time for everything. What's next, a flood that is as extensive as a wavepool? ZOMG.

Wag naman sana. Lalong wag pag may exam. Lol.

Make Up For Blogging Fail

Okay, so I have lots of good stuff to blog about in the past weeks but I haven't been able to do some posts because of the Three Week Hell. And what the eff is the "Three Week Hell"? It's the very unfortunate circumstance that you get to have 2 weeks of exams in major subjects and 1 week of exams for your minor subjects in succeeding fashion. O di ba? Napakasaya. Kaya ngayon, malabnaw na sabaw na ang utak ko. Lulz.

Sooooo, I'm going to post everything right now because I have a lot of time in my hands now. Not to mention, I need to solidify my brain once again through blogging and being lazy (for now). W00t!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Later, kids.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Brain Farting After Week Two of 3 Exam Weeks

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Excited Little Twit

I was counting the days until the next module and long exams when I saw that the sem break is nearing. W00t! The downside is that it goes only for two weeks. But enough about it, I have to make the most out of my two weeks or I'll kick myself for being so socially retarded once again. My friends and I are planning an out of town getaway and I am so excited by the thought. We need to finalize our plans so I can ask permission from my mom and dad to go. I won't allow myself to be stuck at home since Mom thinks that I won't be available for travel on Tito Dodoy's wedding. But I'm also thinking of my little brother (who BTW, is not so little anymore...lol) because he will be missing all the fun. Cha, Ate Richie and prolly Mommy will get to travel while us, poor beings won't. I hope he gets to have a chance to go wherever.

And now due to my excitement, I am already thinking of picking out my outfits though it is still not sure. LOL. Freak. At least I won't wallow on how I sucked at my Neuroscience exam. Hah!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Takte. Latang-lata na ako, at ang utak ko wala nang maabsorb sa mga diniscuss sa aming un-physiologic na Physiology class. Good luck na lang sa Psychiatry exam bukas, mukhang di na kakayanin ng kawawa kong utak na nagsasabaw na ang magreview. Pero pinili ko ang mag-aral ulit so dapat pangatawanan ko 'to. Kaya yan! Pero matutulog muna ako. Lulz.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

My Brain Is Tired

We just got done with out module exams for Anatomy. Even if I passed, I don't feel motivated to study further and not motivated enough to do the lab report for Physiology. I feel lazy to do stuff for school as of this vacation time.

funny pictures of cats with captions

I'm on a shut down mode...not for studying but for sleep. :D


Lately, I've been typing in "LULz" instead of "LOLz" and people have noticed and started to ask me in rapid succession on why it is so.

Wala lang. HAHAHA!

It just came out from one of my evil moments, thanks to my favorite frog's new found coño diction and intonation. I dunno why people think you're coño when your Tagalog is "bulol" and your intonation is a little different. And the thing I don't understand more is when people actually becomes bulol and twists their intonation intentionally just to be labeled as coño. As for the frog's case, matigas ang dila niya so it's kinda difficult to slur the letters for the total coño effect.

I almost went into a tumbling frenzy when I heard that person's way of counting...WON, TWHO, TREEH, FOWR, FAYVE. Not to mention, I had to stifle my laughter. Srsly. It was a total coño effect FAIL. Call me an evil bitch but if you'd really hear it, you'd probably say, "Sige na, wag ka nang magpakahirap. Idiretso mo na dila mo. Coño ka na".

Since my laughter was repressed, I just made a joke out of it by starting to mess up every word, similar to LOLSpeak. And I just thought of the acronym LOL...and I decided to slur it so I can be coño sounding (kuno). So LOLz became LULz. 

So that's it, folks.

Photo courtesy of: BrilliantLeap.com

Saturday, 25 July 2009


Gah. It's the first month of med school and I think I am barely alive. My parents are talking to me and I answer them incoherently. And being good parents, they just let me sleep through the morning. GCS rating? I rate myself a 7.

I feel bad. Rly.

But it's a sacrifice I have to make. I know my parents understand that med school sucks the blood out of me.

...isang malaking good luck na lang sa akin. Hehe.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Read And Be Enlightened

A classmate posted this on her Facebook and it's a fun and enlightening read. I'll post this here for everyone to read. And I so can relate about the Biochem part. Haha! 

Here goes:


I am an MD-to-be.

I live an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle composed merely of sleeping for four hours a night (that is if you get lucky). Sitting for long hours in the classroom. My exercise regimen is changing classrooms, standing for an hour or two during bedside discussions, and carrying thick-paged and hard-bound medical books.

I am on the verge of caffeine addiction. All my energy has been drained from me. And the worst part is, I'm not just physically drained, I'm mentally and emotionally drained and socially stunted. Is this the price I have to pay to be a doctor, to have that right to attach to my name those two most important letters in the alphabet, MD?

Being a med student is like being handed a free roundtrip ticket to hell. For me, at least, it feels like it.

I'm not delusional. I'm not discouraging anybody to be a doctor. But, one must know and understand the realities—The truth that lies behind the typical life of a medical student.

Before I entered medical school, I already had this preconceived notion that it would be really difficult.

That was an understatement.

First year was devoted to studying the "normal". The greatest bulk of my time was spent smelling formalin in the Anatomy laboratory with the cadavers. Since my pre-med was not Physical Therapy, I really had a hard time memorizing the origin, insertion, and actions of muscles which the doctors lovingly tie during practical examinations. Hello! Of course I know the commencement, termination, and tributaries of pudendal vein, but where the heck is it? I could not find it. I bet, even if they give me the whole hour to look for that vein, I'll never find it.

Biochemistry? You need a trillion neurons to accommodate the litany of information you have to store. You'll need more than 36 ATP from glycolysis and Kreb's cycle to pass that subject. And more importantly, gluconeogenesis should also take place in your brain, not limited in your liver, because you'll really need a large amount of glucose to feed your ischemic brain.

If you can live in Neuroanatomy, Histology, Anatomy, and Biochemistry memorizing without understanding, Physiology is a different story. Physiology is understanding without the need of memorizing, which unfortunately, was even harder for me.

Moving on from first year to second year was like transferring from the Sahara Desert to Siberia . Everything we studied was abnormal. We spent hours in Pathology looking under the microscope, helplessly racking every corner of our brains for the diagnosis of a small scraped tissue. How could you tell that the patient is having a heart failure, that she has cancer and that she only has five years to live just by examining a teeny-weeny bit of stained tissue, resembling more an abstract-surrealist painting which I can never appreciate?

The essence of being a doctor nowadays is to be able to give the patient a prescription (Right or wrong, most of the time it does not matter anymore. Patients get instantly healed when they get their prescriptions) . And in our Pharmacology examinations, I usually don't get the right drug for prescription writing. Well, except for Paracetamol, but what the heck, I always computed for the wrong dosage.

Internal Medicine tackled history and physical diagnosis. Here, you'll get a first-hand experience of interviewing a real patient. It's one small step closer to being a doctor. I remembered how nervous I was approaching my first patient. I didn't know what to ask. My line of inquiry lacked coherence. I fumbled with the physical examination, wondering why I could not hear any heart sounds nor breath sounds, only to find out I wore my stethoscope the wrong way.

I've just finished third year and I'm barely alive. Third year was a totally different story. I had completely lost the idealism I had when I entered med school. I am beginning to ask myself why I'm spending the prime years of my life almost a breath away from cadavers, half alive-half dead myself. At 23, I should be earning already, And not be an immense burden to my parents. I have a high-maintenance lifestyle.

My parents would spend close to a P100,000 a semester only for my tuition.

I still had to ask my mom money for my books and daily allowance. And I know that this setup will continue another four years or so. As my high school friends are starting to save their earnings and beginning to build families of their own, I'm hardly out of med school, probably still stuck reading Harrison's Internal Medicine, cramming for a case presentation and helplessly being grilled by a consultant during bedside discussion.

Being a med student is nothing but sacrifice…. First and foremost, you have to give up sleep… Sleep is the most precious gift any med student could ever receive. It seems that sleep does not exist in the vocabulary of our teachers. Sleep is taboo to medicine except when doctors advise it to their patients.

It's totally ironic. Doctors know that human beings (medical students included), in order to function maximally the following day should at least get eight hours of sleep. Then why do they expect us to read everything, to pass all their difficult exams, actively participate in case discussions and to answer all their questions when you only get an average of four hours or less sleep per day? We're not different from human beings who need to eat three times a day, who breathe the same air, and who need to rest.

It's not as if God had given us an extraordinary pineal gland and reticular system so that have an extraordinary circadian rhythm and a long, long state of arousal. I just hope our doctors would understand that if a med student failed to read something, it's not because he was lazy. He was probably tired and had gone to a dreamless slumber because he spent the previous night like a psycho studying for three exams.

I have sacrificed time for my family, for my friends, and for myself. My whole life right now is devoted to

Harrison, to Schwartz, to Nelson, to Adams, to Smith, to Green, to Kaplan, all authors of my medical books. I mean if these are the surnames of all the guys I go out with, seven times a week, geez! I would die a happy and fulfilled woman! Instead of accompanying my mom to the supermarket, I have to stay home because I have to study. My dad had already complained to me that I do not have time for him.

My friends had stopped calling me because whenever they talked to me I either spoke in monosyllabic words, or they could not understand me because I spoke as if I drank tons of tequila. I talked like a drunk. Well, in fact, I was just in the middle of a dreamless sleep.

See? How can you choose this kind of lifestyle? It' s not even a lucrative job anymore. You have to get rid of all the more experienced and old doctors to get even a handful of patients. So, if you want to be a millionaire, don't slave in the hospital because even if God had made one day 72 hours, instead of 24,
or gave us 14 days instead of 7 in one week, you're still way off your one million mark before the age of 30. Of course, I have witnessed a lot of people giving up med school…. But never have I heard, not even an anecdote, of a rich businessman giving up his entire career, just to study medicine.

Being a doctor is not something you have to decide overnight. It's not a result of your whim or a fulfillment of your parents' dream. Because if these would be your reasons, you're entering the wrong profession. Choosing to be a doctor means being committed to a lifelong journey of endless sacrifice.

You have to be sure that this is the life you want to live—that you love to live—not something you'd tire of halfway. The ironic thing is I never wanted to be a doctor in the first place. I wanted to be a writer, a novelist, or even a journalist. I was just dragged by my mother to take up medicine but fortunately after seven years of schooling, I learned to love it. Of course I still have doubts that maybe I'm really not cut out to be a doctor, leading me to think if it's really worth it. At this point, I don't know anymore. What inspires me to continue is that in the future, I know I'm going to save a man's life. And through it, I can honestly say to myself that I have made a difference in someone else's life. And I reckon, maybe that's what being a doctor is all about.

It's not working in some fancy hospital, earning big bucks from your patients, changing your cars quarterly from BMW to an Alfa Romeo to a Jaguar, nor travelling around the world magnanimously sponsored by some big drug companies. Neither is it the various letters attached at the end of your name. Being a true doctor is not treating the patient as some hypothetical case from a medical textbook. It is treating the patient as a human being, Who possesses a heart that does not only pump blood but a heart that could feel, who doesn't have a brain that is visualized only as black and white in an MRI or CT scan but has a mind that could reason, who is not merely composed of cells, of tissues, of organs, and of different systems but a human being who has a soul. Being a doctor is being able to look at every patient's eyes and seeing in their depths the hope that somehow you can make one father go home and enjoy dinner with his family, or you can make a grandmother attend her only grandchild's piano recital, or you can send a mother to be with her daughter as she enters into the complicated life of adolescence or you can transform an infant's cry to a frolicking laughter. Being a doctor means being a part of an unimaginable greatness that you can only understand if you surrender yourself to years of rigorous training and incessant pursuit of medical knowledge.

During all my interviews in different med schools, they asked me why I wanted to be a doctor. I always answered that I wanted to help and save humanity. I'm sure all my interviewers have heard that same line from countless fellow applicants. But I don't care because it's the truth. I don't know how I can do it but I know eventually I will, in my own small way. Medicine is neither for the weak-minded nor the weak-hearted. My endurance has been tested. My strength has been staunchly fortified. Medicine has changed me completely. I have sacrificed a great deal and most of the times, I may feel I'm not compensated. Most of the time, I would want to give up but I know deep in the core of my heart, I won't. For after careful reflection, I realized that being a doctor actually gives me a different kind of happiness, a different kind of self-fulfillment, which I can never find in any profession. Well, I just hope my fellow aspiring doctors are fortunate enough to share the same sentiments.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Bucketful o' LOLs

I still haven't gotten over the "stuffs" thing. And to add insult to the injury, I heard the best thing that ever happened to the word "stuff"...

My most favorite person in the world actually said "stuffs" out loud. And to add insult to the injury, Favorite Person (a.k.a FP) had to say it as "STOFFS", as opposed to the coño image that FP is trying to project.

Forgive me for being bad but I can't help but LOL.

Saturday, 27 June 2009


My current status?


I'm in deep shit. Seriously.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Nerdiness x -10

This one week break is driving me crazy. I'm sick (but I don't have A H1N1. Kthx.) and Biochem is driving me crazy. I'm taking a crash course on it but my reading ended up as lame attempts. I can't understand 95% of what I'm reading so I decided to stop that nonsense first by camwhoring and going online. W00t!

Let me chronicle my pseudo studying...

On Saturday, I went to National Bookstore at SM Sta. Rosa to look for our book in Family and Community Medicine. I was just taking chances after looking all over Recto but my efforts are in vain. And SURPRISE! They have Maglonzo's book with only 2 copies left so I also bought the other one for my friend, Odet. While I'm at it, I also bought some stuff for school like an erasable sign pen and a clipboard for Anatomy lab, and a set of Backyardigans highlighters. The highlighters are adorable! And so is the price...it's only 25 bucks for 3 highlighters. Look:

I'm OC when it comes to my study tools so I need something to hype me up.

I don't care if the highlighters are for kids. It's cute and is made for use of kids aged 4 and up. And I belong to the "up" category. Hihi!

Our workers saw my Physiology book and they were asking me if I can read it all. Instead of answering, I showed them all the books I have. They went WTF when they saw the entire thing. They just wished me luck...while I was thinking: "And I'm needing lots of it". Heehee. Here are the things that made Ate Cristy, Ate Daisy, and Ate Arlene wish me luck:

OF COURSE, I need coffee. Kthx.

Mind you, I still lack Bloom and Fawcett for Histology, Gilroy's Anatomy atlas and Davis' book for Introduction to Clinics. I'm still thinking of getting Snell's Clinical Neuroanatomy. The white biochemistry book is my brother's.

But nothing beats the end point of my effort in understanding all the biochemical components of man...and it is something that is considered as one of the basic needs of man:


Gaah. I'm starting to loathe bio-fucking-chemistry. Srsly. I'd choose neuroscience over it.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

The First Week Of The Rest Of My Life

Ok. Let's cut the crap and let's go straight to the jugular. I SURVIVED THE FREAKIN' FIRST WEEK OF MED SCHOOL. Yay! And there's no use hiding this fact from jealous frogs because it'd eventually leak out anyway.

Anyway, I'd tell you about this week. The word FUN is an understatement. My first week is smashing! Although there are shitty moments, my overall experience is good. I don't have photos yet because I left the camera at the dorm.

Day 1: I made it to school. Crunch time. I almost went into a head-on collision with a srsly tall guy (probably a varsity player) because I was practically running. I even got lost. HAHA. Lame. It was our Theo class and they were having Samson and Delilah as a scripture reading. I wasn't paying attention because I was thinking about the lyrics of Regina Spektor's "Samson". That's how bad I am at paying attention to classes I'm less interested in. Too bad I didn't have my morning cup of coffee to help me through the boredom. We also had our Intro to Clinics class and we killed the time by doing the traditional "Introduce Yourself" shizz. It was ok. Rly.

In the afternoon, Anatomy made up for everything because it was kinda fun listening to the lectures because it reminded me of Dr. Yuseco's lecture during my sophomore year in St. Paul Manila...with the planes and anatomical nomenclature. BTW, Dr. Yuseco was the one who pushed me to pursue my plans of going to Med School. Oh, and I also bought my first book, Clinical Anatomy by Moore because we have tons of reading assignments.

Not to mention, there was something annoying that came up. But I'm not gonna share all of that here. Baka may makabasa, intrigahin pa ako...Haha! Let's just say that there are arrogant a-holes around. *wink*


Day 2: I woke up late after staying up late, reading my Anatomy book...for the fear that not studying is a crime. That's how nerdy I am. But I got to school on time. Hah! And I became class sexxehtary secretary and a liaison officer for Histology. Plus a total shock came...one of the people I told funky jokes to during a blood drive at St. Paul, is going to be my professor. I almost died. Nahiya tuloy ako sa mga kalokohan ko noon. But what the heck, I am confident that he won't remember me. W00t!

Day 3: It was raining...HARD. Pedro Gil Street almost channeled an island in the Pacific because it was flooded. And unlucky me, I can't hail a cab because of the rain. So I had to go around at Malvar so I can get to Taft Avenue. I was late and so is the 10% of the class. Biochem is total mindfuck because I can't understand the major facts. Ugh. And neuroscience is interesting because Dra. Paragua says "neuroscience" like it means "party". Weird.

Day 4: Matinding ugatan sa pwet. Thursday = Physiology day. As in. One subject will last for a day. And it's also the College Mass and the Recognition and Welcome Dinner of the College of Medicine. And I was lugging Guyton around during these events. Heh.

Day 5: I woke up early but unfortunately, there was a long queue for the bathroom. There I realized that it's sad NOT to have the nerds around because I have no one to annoy. Boo! Anyway, I was careful not to run, for the fear that the stuff I read about the lymphatic system would sink to my unconscious. Haha! We had Psychiatry as the first subject and I think it'd be pretty interesting too. Then it's LOL time at the afternoon because Dr. Yaneza also gave a lecture regarding Terminator in between his lectures of the anatomical landmarks. Cool. It kept my attention span longer than my usual 30 minutes. Hee-hee.

Plus, this is the time that I found out that there is a positive case of A H1N1 at school. The infected ones are the members of our varsity team. I just dunno what sport. So the Dean disseminated information that the school will be locked up for disinfection and classes will resume on the 29th...

BUT THE MODULAR EXAMS WILL PUSH THROUGH. *insert sarcastic tone here* Yay.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm studying at San Beda College. Don't ask what happened to my acceptance at my dream school (which actually accepted me after 45,982 years of waiting) but be happy for me because I finally entered Med school after 4 years it first popped into my mind. Kthx.

And I'm sorry to those people whom I haven't told my med school plans. I told some college classmates that I quit my job because I'd transfer to Manila. I wanted to kick myself for lying by omission but I strongly believe in jinxes. That's why I never told until it's finalized. So forgive the neurotic me for doing so. :D

Welcome to my life.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Of Saling Ket-kets and Inggiterang Frogs

Ever since I've resigned from my job, I was usually sitting at home or doing stuff for school. Technically, I have a lot of time on my hands. So I don't get why people give out reasons that I'm still living in the Tabon Cave, like a freakin' cavewoman that's why I wasn't present in an event. It's annoying really, making up an excuse for not inviting me and then SCOLDING me that I wasn't texting that's why I wasn't invited when I'd find out about the escapade. As in "OMG, nakakainis ka. Di ka man lang nag-text, di ka tuloy nakasama sa party namin." or "Akala kasi namin may trabaho ka pa." or "Wala si KC kasi may pasok daw siya kaya di na namin tinext". Duh. I'm not buying that. You aren't talking to a dust mite, kthx.

Don't put words in my mouth. I can speak for myself. And my non-appearance to your party isn't my fault. Thank you very much.

And as for an inggiterang frog, she got under my skin for the past week. I have been trying to hold back my temper but I really couldn't. And that's about it. I want to have a shirt in this print:

LOL. I made that a few seconds ago, as inspired by the person I loathe for the moment.

Oh and BTW, med school is just around the corner. Whee! I'll blog about my "journey" separately because it's going to be long. But let me brush up on something I observed and realized on the past few days I was bored...

Never underestimate the power of an extremely low-key school and low-key people. It may seem that your abilities are superior than that of the rest of the class but it may turn the other way around. So never be overconfident because it might just be the thing that can knock you down. Not because you are good at one aspect doesn't mean that you're good at everything.

Yun lang naman. I hope someone can benefit from this useless ramblings I've just typed in.


Lovin' this video by Nike for Roger Federer:

I'll wait for the Wimbledon Open. :D

Monday, 8 June 2009

Greatest Actress Evar!

I can proudly say that I now am a true blue masa jologs. That is because I am now aware of local showbiz due to my former colleagues' incessant viewing of The Buzz and SNN, plus the occasional telenovelas and stuff.

And I'm not acting all sosyal and matapobre. When I was a kid, I'm aware of local showbiz more because my Auntie Guritte is fond of watching "That's Entertainment" and "Young Love, Sweet Love" with Ate Juliet. So I know who the eff Lotlot, Monching, Sheryl, Romnick, Matet, Lilet, and Benedict Aquino. Plus, I watch Pinoy feel-good movies back in the day. Movies wherein the protagonists go out on an excursion and dance to a production number after they have thwarted the bad guys. Those kinds of movies. So save the self-righteous lectures on loving your own. and crab mentality. The use of jologs here is different from the jologs = baduy meaning because I am pertaining to the jologs = popular meaning. Kthx.

Anyway, so there are a lot of up and coming actors and actresses on TV that makes me go WTF whenever I see them on TV. Usually, they get this really useless roles that have no significance to the story. And to make matters worse, they are those who make the noisiest buzz on the gossip shows whenever they get kicked by horses, get pissed by the sarcasm of other starlets and whatever things. We can label them as the "ingay sa lipunan".

Since we've established that I'm aware of local showbiz before, I always see this actress on every movie I've seen. I still see her now. I think she has the most number of appearances on movies than any of these ingay sa lipunan's movie appearances combined. And I must say that her acting prowess is really at par with the best because when I was little, a slight grimace from her face is enough to make me wet my pants. That's how great she is.

However, I don't know her name because I was too young to even know the name. Probably you won't know as well. But I bet we'd all agree that this woman should be an icon of the Philippine movie industry.

But thanks to new technology called the intarwebz, Facebook and Google, after 18 years of wondering about her name, I finally found out what her name is. And she is: *drumroll*

Ang dakilang aswang/multo/bruha/mangkukulam ng pelikulang Pilipino

So don't tell me you haven't seen her on horror films back in the day. And don't tell me she didn't freak you out as a kid because you'd be totally lying.

For me, Lilia goes for the motherchucking win. Lilia Cuntapay is ♥.

Photo credits: Lilia Cuntapay's Facebook fan page