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Thursday, 1 January 2009

2008 in Review

I was supposed to blog about this yesterday but I was too lazy to. Holiday mode eh.

The past year has been really good to me even if it has its own share of fug-a-licious moments. For instance, even if I am a partial social retard, I managed to meet new people, meet new friends and was able to rekindle and strengthened bonds between old friends even if things went all fucked up be it my fault or the other's. Because peace of mind is one of the things that is important to me.

And even if I actually hadn't been a nice person all year round, I realized that the blessings outweighed the all bad things that hounded me this year. And duuuh, eh di kinuha na din ako ni Lord kung sobrang bait ko naman. Tamang trip lang.

Well anyway, here's a list of some of my ups and downs for the previous year:

  • I thought I was going to live off my parents for the rest of my pathetic life but I was wrong...because I've gotten myself a job. Woohoo! Though it's not a hospital job that I was aiming for, at least I don't rot away in front of the computer chair. And in a way I can help my mom manage the finances at home by giving in to my brother's needs for school. Except the allowance and tuition fees, kthx. At least I can buy the things I want with the realization that I am not a major loser. Minor lang.
  • In line with this "things that I want", I completed the entire Gossip Girl book series that I wanted to buy 3 years ago. I also have the Gabriel Garcia Marquez books that I desperately want to read a few years back. I consider it a blessing to have a mean dose of nerd vitamins and geek minerals.
  • Was able to make big decisions for myself. I decided not to take the NCLEX and CGFNS due to the visa retrogression and the global recession because I did some financial analysis and review of the US Economy. When I realized that the US economy is going apeshit, I came up with that decision I didn't regret.
  • Thinking about what if's isn't part of my agenda so I decided to take the NMAT and apply to some med schools to fulfill my neurosis dream of becoming a physician. I wanted it for as long as I can remember...mahalia jackson lang kaya umatras ako. I just hope everything goes out fine even if I screwed up on my NMAT.
  • First Christmas and New Year celebration that the Cervales family are all present at home after many years.
  • Most of our family problems have been resolved. Financially speaking, nothing major.
  • I broke up with my boyfriend of one year because the cons of a long distance relationship and personal priorities finally took its toll. But we're cool. We're actually friends right now because the break-up never went ugly. Di ba, Mark?!
  • I dunno if dad would allow me to pursue a dream of mine. My world came crashing down when I heard him ranting about it. I wanted to die right there and then.
  • I got totally when the love of my life, ultimate college crush, Mutch Gaston got married. Pero hindi ito talaga kasama kasi pauso ko lang ito para pandagdag sa category ng "down". Two items lang kasi eh. Nyahaha!

There you go. That's my lame 2008 list. So now, I am looking forward to whatever 2009 has to offer for me. I hope it'll be a kickass year. :D

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