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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Cold Is Not Really Hot Now

I commented on a Photo Album of Mama Les about "abusing" Gossip Girl fashion until the cold wave lasts. And that's exactly what I want to do...but couldn't do due to uniform restrictions at work. Heh. For those who were born five minutes ago, when I say Gossip Girl fashion, think:

Jackets and other cold weather garb

You see, I am hyperhidrotic that's why I don't appreciate that this country has a tropical climate. Hyperhydrotic means a person experiencing excessive sweating. So when you expose me to heat, I'd sweat like I've been running the 5th lap of a track and field meet. And that's gross. Less to no sweating episodes is the reason why I love cold weather.

Even if freezing my ass of at some point, I don't freaking care. However it scares me to think that there is a high chance that this coming summer would be srsly hotter than last year.

Hold it. Last year's summer was unbearable so this makes this year...burn like hell?! WTF.

Experts say it's the cause of global warming. Gaaah. Let's stop screwing up our environment to summers won't get hellish every year. Srsly. Even if it means losing extremely cold weather like this. Kthx.

GG Photo from: Flickr

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