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Saturday, 24 January 2009


After many days of being away from all the online action, I am back. Our CPU got busted, thus my MIA status. Since I became socially retarded because of this unintentional hiatus, I forgot a lot of things that I was supposed to blog about. And I failed to answer some PM's. Sry about that.

Let me fill you in with what went on during my hiatus:

  • I was on night duty and I was learning to spot fractures and spinal cord anomalies that are difficult to identify. Cheers, because I can now identify hairline fractures and herniated disks. Not to mention osteosarcomas.
  • Pulubi mode. The Christmas season left me almost penniless but happy.
  • Was srsly preoccupied with the impending hurdles on my med school plans
  • Am anxious for the results of the NMAT and UPCM (ambisyosa), UST-FMS (nagmamayaman) and UE-CM admissions...anxiety almost bordering into insanity.
  • I'm excited for:

More OR moments caught on film(?!). Thanks Joseph!

That's all for now.

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