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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Memories Of My Melancholy Whores

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Author:Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Originally published in Spanish as Memoria De Mis Putas Tristes.This is another novel that was masterfully written and narrated by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. No, I don't like his style of writing. Eyelovit. :p

The plot revolves about a ninety year old man who decided to take a wild turn on the night of his 90th birthday by giving himself to a fourteen year old virgin. And since their first encounter, you can read on the old man's random musings on his past and finding his one true love at the time that he's awaiting death.

What I like about Garcia Marquez's narration of the story is that he made prostitution sound like it was an accepted form of occupation. Like it was a normal thing to do. The narration was ironic to the element in the plot that the whore house was located strategically to avoid being busted by the authorities. Plus the story was also realistic in terms of the public officials who patronize the whore house that's why it can't be busted bigtime.

Plus, the message of the story gives me hope that there is time for everything. It may come early or it may come late...but rest assured, the blessing will come.

Although some paragraphs were too rhetoric for my taste, sometimes you have to let it sink in in order to get what it means. And there are also times in which you have to read between the lines because the literal and the figurative meanings can make or break your understanding of the story. Usually, the literal meanings screw up the flow of the story.

But then again, reading this book is a mental exercise times two. You'd appreciate it if you're a geek like me.


cors leonidas said...

I want to read this.until now nakapila pa din ako sa friend ko.sus!

KC Cervales said...

Bili ka na lang. Barya lang yan sa kayamanan mo Cors. LOL. It's worth it naman. :)

cors leonidas said...

I bought Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose" and H.G. Wells "When the Sleeper Wakes".Hindi ko pa din tapos,kaya pinipigil ko bumili ng new books.hehe=)

KC Cervales said...

Ah ok. Ako din nagpipigil, kailangan kasing magtipid. :p

Kimpoy Quilicot said...

madel has this book and i never had an interest with it until now.
happy new year lola!
and belated happy birthday as well. ^_^

KC Cervales said...

Yep. it really is interesting so read it while you're not busy.
Thanks Kim! :)