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Friday, 20 February 2009

Stop Me

Ok. So I was thrilled to find out how crazy shoe sales go at Singapore. And I can't stop thinking about it. Gaah! So now, I just have to stare at this photo to stop the urge to ask Daddy to check out a store.

1. A. Testoni Giancarla red patent loafers, $376.
2. Michael Kors Palm Springs yellow patent flats, $400.  
3. Sigerson Morrison gold kitten-heeled sandals, $443.
4. Sergio Rossi Origami kitten heel pumps, $500.
5. Helle Comfort Ollie wedge, $160.
6. Ecco Performance Yarrah, $104.
7. Marc Jacobs color-block flat sandals, $353.
8. Delman Crest-V bejeweled velvet flat, $354.
9. Kate Spade Juliette open-toe slingbacks, $274.
10. Cole Haan Air Gabi boat shoe, $158.
11. Taryn Rose Daelyn gunmetal metallic wedges, $495.
12. Christian Lacroix bejeweled kitten heels, $717.
13. Adidas by Stella McCartney sport flats, $100.
14. Tapeet by Vicini silver and gold flats, $400.
15. Dolce & Gabbana floral canvas flats, $330.
16. Juicy Coutoure Lillian espadrilles, $230.
17. Giuseppe Zanotti Mirror Lilia open-toe flats, $454.
18. Paul Green ‘Soul’ in leopard, $237
19. Paul Smith Laney floral espadrille, $178.

I have to condition my mind to think that all shoes are mahalia jackson, like the ones posted so that I'd curb the urge. I actually don't need new ones since I don't go out much often anymore.

Speaking of shoes, here's the weirdest I've ever heard that is shoe-related: There is actually a shoe vending machine. It's in Carnaby Street in London. A friend told me that it wouldn't work here because Pinoys would probably shake off the contents. But I didn't LOL. I was confused, for a shoe enthusiast.

Oh crap. I forgot to wear my freakin' shoes! Wait, there's a shoe vending machine.

Friday, 13 February 2009


I'm not talking about the Michael Bay film because I'm referring to Rustom Padilla, now known as, Bebe Gandanghari. Since I am a social retard, I rarely get affected by showbusiness. But when I saw some photos at Chuvaness.com, oh boy, I was officially naloka. Girl na girl na sha! Mas girl pa sa akin. Hee-hee. And as far as I can remember, our former helper, Aging, has a crush on him. And this is the reason why:


So his former fangirls are surprised to find out that Mr. Mistah is looks like this now:

Sexy laydeh

Honestly, she's prettier than some girls combined. But even if Bebe killed off Rustom and she's dressed in ultrafeminine frocks, I can still see Pareng Rustom in Mareng Bebe. Yun lang.

Photos taken from:
Before: Jaynir of Life Funtastique
After: Ms. Cecile of Chuvaness

Thursday, 12 February 2009


If Jewel is on a Pinoy Cheese high, I'm in on a High School Cheese obsession. There's this song that I hear on the radio ang now I'm having a case of LSS. But it's not as bad as the Jonas Brothers LSS, which lasted for many months.

Since I can't get enough of the song, I searched for the video in You Tube. I almost ROTFL'ed when I saw it. It.was.totally.oozing.with.high.school.cheese. I mean srsly, it has all the elements of a typical High School inspired video.
  • Girl and boy as a friend - check
  • Girl secretly crushes on boy - check
  • Boy shows sweetness to girl but on a platonic basis - check
  • Boy introduces Girlfriend to girl - check
IMHO, I think the singer is brilliant because she made country music listener-friendly.

Too listener-friendly that I can't get her song out of my head. Gaaah. To see WTF this song is, CLICKEE HERE.

Go ahead. Laugh.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

High School Cheese

I think I am regressing...gaah! I'm currently into this song. I really can't get enough of this song, that I have to watch its video at YouTube.

Here's the high school cheese laden from the country music songstress, Taylor Swift.

Go ahead, laugh.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Slapped Dry

The nasty little envelope that I was waiting for has arrived. Nyahaha!

Mang Emilio, our trusty ol' postman brought that thing that made me go manic in an instant. I fucking jumped up and down like a water nymph having a bad case of diarrhea. On my older blog entry, I thought I was doomed. And the thought of this impending D-day continued to haunt me.

And I was totally wrong about the D-day. Bleh.

I opened the envelope, half expecting that I'd get a reasonable percentile apart from my expectation of a bad one. I had to look at it twice because I thought my astigmatic eyes were shitting on me.

Just when I thought I'd burn this envelope...

I didn't get a bad percentile...despite the horrible, Tramadol-worthy migraine and a bad-ass wave of nausea on the exam day. And at this very moment that I'm typing this, I want to fucking cry with relief because the result slapped me dry of my worries. And I won't wallow on how my percentile could've reach the srsly OA requirement of UPCM if I hadn't had a migraine attack. Masaya na ako sa rating ko kasi napatunayan kong kaya ko pala kahit halos nagkandasuka ako sa DLSU.

On a lighter note, I find it funny that I cursed Physics to oblivion after the exam but it is my 2nd to the highest on the Part 2 of the test.

Since I'm such a worrywart, the next thing on my "Things To Worry About" list is my admission to a school. But anyway, I won't sweat too much on it because as I have proven ages ago, ass-kissing is a must but it's not the actual golden ticket to success.

Thank you Lord.