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Thursday, 12 February 2009


If Jewel is on a Pinoy Cheese high, I'm in on a High School Cheese obsession. There's this song that I hear on the radio ang now I'm having a case of LSS. But it's not as bad as the Jonas Brothers LSS, which lasted for many months.

Since I can't get enough of the song, I searched for the video in You Tube. I almost ROTFL'ed when I saw it. It.was.totally.oozing.with.high.school.cheese. I mean srsly, it has all the elements of a typical High School inspired video.
  • Girl and boy as a friend - check
  • Girl secretly crushes on boy - check
  • Boy shows sweetness to girl but on a platonic basis - check
  • Boy introduces Girlfriend to girl - check
IMHO, I think the singer is brilliant because she made country music listener-friendly.

Too listener-friendly that I can't get her song out of my head. Gaaah. To see WTF this song is, CLICKEE HERE.

Go ahead. Laugh.


anna ofilas said...

Ah, Taylor Swift. I actually think she's cute. Naiinggit lang din ako sa height ng lola mo... haha.

KC Cervales said...

And I love her curly locks. Unruly but cute. Hehe.

Mimi Dizon said...

That is because you're cheesy. Bwahaha. Taylor Swift is ok.

Happy Valentine's Day, if you're celebrating it.

KC Cervales said...

Like you, beybeh. :p

Happy Valentine's too. Not celebrating it. Kthx.