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Friday, 13 February 2009


I'm not talking about the Michael Bay film because I'm referring to Rustom Padilla, now known as, Bebe Gandanghari. Since I am a social retard, I rarely get affected by showbusiness. But when I saw some photos at Chuvaness.com, oh boy, I was officially naloka. Girl na girl na sha! Mas girl pa sa akin. Hee-hee. And as far as I can remember, our former helper, Aging, has a crush on him. And this is the reason why:


So his former fangirls are surprised to find out that Mr. Mistah is looks like this now:

Sexy laydeh

Honestly, she's prettier than some girls combined. But even if Bebe killed off Rustom and she's dressed in ultrafeminine frocks, I can still see Pareng Rustom in Mareng Bebe. Yun lang.

Photos taken from:
Before: Jaynir of Life Funtastique
After: Ms. Cecile of Chuvaness


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

ferosh ika nga ni bb. :-) and i couldn't agree more.

congrats kc.

KC said...

Yeah. She's fierce.

Thanks Ruff. :)