Looking for Something?

Thursday, 26 March 2009


The past week had been a full-on emo vortex that sucks the life out of me. I've never felt so unhappy, and I don't exactly know why. I was so uneasy looking for something that I don't know and retail therapy didn't do its magic. It feels like I'm taking crazy pills. And I hate that feeling.

It seems as if my world came crashing down.

And it's totally annoying to think and feel like this. It's too freakin' early for me to have a mid-life crisis. I'm nowhere near the point of my mid-life. Jeez!

Not to mention, I was bitten by the emo-nostalgic bug when I went to Manila. It's like, my comfort zone. Sta. Rosa is nothing compared to the adventures that Manila has to offer. And as a thrill seeker, it's totally natural for freaks like me to miss the spit-laden streets of Pedro Gil. I took some photos to show you my comfort zone. I don't care if I look like a freakin' tourist as long as I can satisfy the nostalgic urges.

High-rise Buildings Along Pedro Gil

Pedro Gil Station, Monumento-Bound Lane

Vendors Galore At Taft Avenue

I want to gag at my sentimentality, but what I'm feeling is real, so fuck it.


electropunk said...

baka naman quarter life crisis yan

KC said...

@ Arjay: Baka nga. Haha!