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Monday, 2 March 2009

Sarcasm 101

I came across a WikiHow on how to be sarcastic and I can't help but laugh at the steps. And as a self-confessed sarcastic biatch, I'll have to add a few more tips:

- Assess the mood of the target. If the target is dead ass serious, don't push it. But if it's just a so-so serious, break it out.

- If you're feeling kind of adventurous and decide to take on an authority figure, don't overdo it. Drop sarcastic remarks twice or thrice in a conversation so it wouldn't seem disrespectful. And remember the basic steps.

- Pay attention to what the target is saying. That's where you'd pick up some witty banter that you can use.

- Know the limitations. If your target looks pretty uncomfortable with what you said, follow it up with a quick "Joke lang" or any substitute for that matter.

- Use facial expression to convey irony. Sometimes, being ironic is a form of sarcasm...depending on the situation.

- Do not repeat the same sarcastic remark over and over again in a conversation. In the end, you'll be the one in the receiving end.

- Experiment with intonation. Even if the essence of what you are saying jives with the target, the contrasting or exaggerated intonation of your voice can add to the desired sarcasm. For example, you are clearly not interested with what the target is saying, you can say in a really perky tone "Ows talaga?!".

- Be spontaneous. It isn't effective if it seems rehearsed and planned.

There. Those are just some tips I can share.

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