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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Ambivalent Shopaholic

Since I haven't blogged decently for quite a while, I've decided to rant on my so-called "retail therapy. When I was still earning top peso (lol), I have a hard time controlling the urge to buy whenever I see stuff I like...even if it's not on sale. Ganun. I stopped being kuripot for a while because I know the things I'm buying are what I really needed. Plus I became galante to my little brother, Christopher. I get excited when I buy my brother new clothes because I get to style him so he won't look generic and that I realize that he's growing up so fast. Likewise with Charmaine, but not as same as Christopher because she's in Manila. I treat her out to lunch, dinner or snacks or sometimes buy her shirts when I go there.

Now that my duty hours have been decreased, so did the income. I now have to revert to dead-on frugality. But what's annoying is that all the good stuff came out NOW and that I can't curb the urge to buy.


Like the last time I bought something from Body Shop three days ago. I was trying to practice self-control but I couldn't so I ended up buying. The deal was too good because the blush on was on sale at 50% off. Hehe. I was kinda whiny while I was thinking and I wanted to kick myself for being L-A-M-E. But luckily, shoes and bags aren't on sale. Plus I was annoyed by how expensive Gap is here in Manila so I lost interest in buying clothes.

So now I vow to save more moolah for the remaining days that I am employed. Because after my resignation, I'm back to being a bum again. An official parasite. Taghirap na ako. Bleh.


mel =) said...

lol. buti ka nga may mooooolah. ako?? nevermind.
haha. looking forward to medschool [medschool:allowance]. ^_^
what's up?

KC Cervales said...

konti na lang ang moolah ko. Haha! Resigned na kasi ako by June 1.
I'm not looking forward to my allowance. Iba pa rin ang kumikita. Mahirap manghingi, lalo na kapag ang books mo ay around 10K. Huhu.

I'm good. Still waiting for UST...how about you?

mel =) said...

:) still waiting for ust as well ^_^

KC Cervales said...

Oh okay. Good luck sa atin. :)

mel =) said...

honga eh ^_^ they'll be releasing another list within the week :)

KC Cervales said...

That's so crazy no? The wait is killing me because I'm running out of time...

mel =) said...

meee too!!! supposedly the third list would be released monday. eh looks like some people from the 2nd list reserved their slots late ata, so they have to postpone the release.