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Saturday, 27 June 2009


My current status?


I'm in deep shit. Seriously.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Nerdiness x -10

This one week break is driving me crazy. I'm sick (but I don't have A H1N1. Kthx.) and Biochem is driving me crazy. I'm taking a crash course on it but my reading ended up as lame attempts. I can't understand 95% of what I'm reading so I decided to stop that nonsense first by camwhoring and going online. W00t!

Let me chronicle my pseudo studying...

On Saturday, I went to National Bookstore at SM Sta. Rosa to look for our book in Family and Community Medicine. I was just taking chances after looking all over Recto but my efforts are in vain. And SURPRISE! They have Maglonzo's book with only 2 copies left so I also bought the other one for my friend, Odet. While I'm at it, I also bought some stuff for school like an erasable sign pen and a clipboard for Anatomy lab, and a set of Backyardigans highlighters. The highlighters are adorable! And so is the price...it's only 25 bucks for 3 highlighters. Look:

I'm OC when it comes to my study tools so I need something to hype me up.

I don't care if the highlighters are for kids. It's cute and is made for use of kids aged 4 and up. And I belong to the "up" category. Hihi!

Our workers saw my Physiology book and they were asking me if I can read it all. Instead of answering, I showed them all the books I have. They went WTF when they saw the entire thing. They just wished me luck...while I was thinking: "And I'm needing lots of it". Heehee. Here are the things that made Ate Cristy, Ate Daisy, and Ate Arlene wish me luck:

OF COURSE, I need coffee. Kthx.

Mind you, I still lack Bloom and Fawcett for Histology, Gilroy's Anatomy atlas and Davis' book for Introduction to Clinics. I'm still thinking of getting Snell's Clinical Neuroanatomy. The white biochemistry book is my brother's.

But nothing beats the end point of my effort in understanding all the biochemical components of man...and it is something that is considered as one of the basic needs of man:


Gaah. I'm starting to loathe bio-fucking-chemistry. Srsly. I'd choose neuroscience over it.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

The First Week Of The Rest Of My Life

Ok. Let's cut the crap and let's go straight to the jugular. I SURVIVED THE FREAKIN' FIRST WEEK OF MED SCHOOL. Yay! And there's no use hiding this fact from jealous frogs because it'd eventually leak out anyway.

Anyway, I'd tell you about this week. The word FUN is an understatement. My first week is smashing! Although there are shitty moments, my overall experience is good. I don't have photos yet because I left the camera at the dorm.

Day 1: I made it to school. Crunch time. I almost went into a head-on collision with a srsly tall guy (probably a varsity player) because I was practically running. I even got lost. HAHA. Lame. It was our Theo class and they were having Samson and Delilah as a scripture reading. I wasn't paying attention because I was thinking about the lyrics of Regina Spektor's "Samson". That's how bad I am at paying attention to classes I'm less interested in. Too bad I didn't have my morning cup of coffee to help me through the boredom. We also had our Intro to Clinics class and we killed the time by doing the traditional "Introduce Yourself" shizz. It was ok. Rly.

In the afternoon, Anatomy made up for everything because it was kinda fun listening to the lectures because it reminded me of Dr. Yuseco's lecture during my sophomore year in St. Paul Manila...with the planes and anatomical nomenclature. BTW, Dr. Yuseco was the one who pushed me to pursue my plans of going to Med School. Oh, and I also bought my first book, Clinical Anatomy by Moore because we have tons of reading assignments.

Not to mention, there was something annoying that came up. But I'm not gonna share all of that here. Baka may makabasa, intrigahin pa ako...Haha! Let's just say that there are arrogant a-holes around. *wink*


Day 2: I woke up late after staying up late, reading my Anatomy book...for the fear that not studying is a crime. That's how nerdy I am. But I got to school on time. Hah! And I became class sexxehtary secretary and a liaison officer for Histology. Plus a total shock came...one of the people I told funky jokes to during a blood drive at St. Paul, is going to be my professor. I almost died. Nahiya tuloy ako sa mga kalokohan ko noon. But what the heck, I am confident that he won't remember me. W00t!

Day 3: It was raining...HARD. Pedro Gil Street almost channeled an island in the Pacific because it was flooded. And unlucky me, I can't hail a cab because of the rain. So I had to go around at Malvar so I can get to Taft Avenue. I was late and so is the 10% of the class. Biochem is total mindfuck because I can't understand the major facts. Ugh. And neuroscience is interesting because Dra. Paragua says "neuroscience" like it means "party". Weird.

Day 4: Matinding ugatan sa pwet. Thursday = Physiology day. As in. One subject will last for a day. And it's also the College Mass and the Recognition and Welcome Dinner of the College of Medicine. And I was lugging Guyton around during these events. Heh.

Day 5: I woke up early but unfortunately, there was a long queue for the bathroom. There I realized that it's sad NOT to have the nerds around because I have no one to annoy. Boo! Anyway, I was careful not to run, for the fear that the stuff I read about the lymphatic system would sink to my unconscious. Haha! We had Psychiatry as the first subject and I think it'd be pretty interesting too. Then it's LOL time at the afternoon because Dr. Yaneza also gave a lecture regarding Terminator in between his lectures of the anatomical landmarks. Cool. It kept my attention span longer than my usual 30 minutes. Hee-hee.

Plus, this is the time that I found out that there is a positive case of A H1N1 at school. The infected ones are the members of our varsity team. I just dunno what sport. So the Dean disseminated information that the school will be locked up for disinfection and classes will resume on the 29th...

BUT THE MODULAR EXAMS WILL PUSH THROUGH. *insert sarcastic tone here* Yay.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm studying at San Beda College. Don't ask what happened to my acceptance at my dream school (which actually accepted me after 45,982 years of waiting) but be happy for me because I finally entered Med school after 4 years it first popped into my mind. Kthx.

And I'm sorry to those people whom I haven't told my med school plans. I told some college classmates that I quit my job because I'd transfer to Manila. I wanted to kick myself for lying by omission but I strongly believe in jinxes. That's why I never told until it's finalized. So forgive the neurotic me for doing so. :D

Welcome to my life.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Of Saling Ket-kets and Inggiterang Frogs

Ever since I've resigned from my job, I was usually sitting at home or doing stuff for school. Technically, I have a lot of time on my hands. So I don't get why people give out reasons that I'm still living in the Tabon Cave, like a freakin' cavewoman that's why I wasn't present in an event. It's annoying really, making up an excuse for not inviting me and then SCOLDING me that I wasn't texting that's why I wasn't invited when I'd find out about the escapade. As in "OMG, nakakainis ka. Di ka man lang nag-text, di ka tuloy nakasama sa party namin." or "Akala kasi namin may trabaho ka pa." or "Wala si KC kasi may pasok daw siya kaya di na namin tinext". Duh. I'm not buying that. You aren't talking to a dust mite, kthx.

Don't put words in my mouth. I can speak for myself. And my non-appearance to your party isn't my fault. Thank you very much.

And as for an inggiterang frog, she got under my skin for the past week. I have been trying to hold back my temper but I really couldn't. And that's about it. I want to have a shirt in this print:

LOL. I made that a few seconds ago, as inspired by the person I loathe for the moment.

Oh and BTW, med school is just around the corner. Whee! I'll blog about my "journey" separately because it's going to be long. But let me brush up on something I observed and realized on the past few days I was bored...

Never underestimate the power of an extremely low-key school and low-key people. It may seem that your abilities are superior than that of the rest of the class but it may turn the other way around. So never be overconfident because it might just be the thing that can knock you down. Not because you are good at one aspect doesn't mean that you're good at everything.

Yun lang naman. I hope someone can benefit from this useless ramblings I've just typed in.


Lovin' this video by Nike for Roger Federer:

I'll wait for the Wimbledon Open. :D

Monday, 8 June 2009

Greatest Actress Evar!

I can proudly say that I now am a true blue masa jologs. That is because I am now aware of local showbiz due to my former colleagues' incessant viewing of The Buzz and SNN, plus the occasional telenovelas and stuff.

And I'm not acting all sosyal and matapobre. When I was a kid, I'm aware of local showbiz more because my Auntie Guritte is fond of watching "That's Entertainment" and "Young Love, Sweet Love" with Ate Juliet. So I know who the eff Lotlot, Monching, Sheryl, Romnick, Matet, Lilet, and Benedict Aquino. Plus, I watch Pinoy feel-good movies back in the day. Movies wherein the protagonists go out on an excursion and dance to a production number after they have thwarted the bad guys. Those kinds of movies. So save the self-righteous lectures on loving your own. and crab mentality. The use of jologs here is different from the jologs = baduy meaning because I am pertaining to the jologs = popular meaning. Kthx.

Anyway, so there are a lot of up and coming actors and actresses on TV that makes me go WTF whenever I see them on TV. Usually, they get this really useless roles that have no significance to the story. And to make matters worse, they are those who make the noisiest buzz on the gossip shows whenever they get kicked by horses, get pissed by the sarcasm of other starlets and whatever things. We can label them as the "ingay sa lipunan".

Since we've established that I'm aware of local showbiz before, I always see this actress on every movie I've seen. I still see her now. I think she has the most number of appearances on movies than any of these ingay sa lipunan's movie appearances combined. And I must say that her acting prowess is really at par with the best because when I was little, a slight grimace from her face is enough to make me wet my pants. That's how great she is.

However, I don't know her name because I was too young to even know the name. Probably you won't know as well. But I bet we'd all agree that this woman should be an icon of the Philippine movie industry.

But thanks to new technology called the intarwebz, Facebook and Google, after 18 years of wondering about her name, I finally found out what her name is. And she is: *drumroll*

Ang dakilang aswang/multo/bruha/mangkukulam ng pelikulang Pilipino

So don't tell me you haven't seen her on horror films back in the day. And don't tell me she didn't freak you out as a kid because you'd be totally lying.

For me, Lilia goes for the motherchucking win. Lilia Cuntapay is ♥.

Photo credits: Lilia Cuntapay's Facebook fan page

Clearing Out The Cobwebs

Ok. So I'm not in a hiatus anymore but my posting wouldn't be as frequent because even if I had resigned from my job, I have taken on a different career path. Heehee. Buhay BUM ako ulit, my friends. Because I'm back to being a student.

I know it's going to suck the social life out of me but hey, it makes me happy to fulfill my other dream to be a freak/nerd physician. Yun lang naman.

Back to regular programming...