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Saturday, 20 June 2009

The First Week Of The Rest Of My Life

Ok. Let's cut the crap and let's go straight to the jugular. I SURVIVED THE FREAKIN' FIRST WEEK OF MED SCHOOL. Yay! And there's no use hiding this fact from jealous frogs because it'd eventually leak out anyway.

Anyway, I'd tell you about this week. The word FUN is an understatement. My first week is smashing! Although there are shitty moments, my overall experience is good. I don't have photos yet because I left the camera at the dorm.

Day 1: I made it to school. Crunch time. I almost went into a head-on collision with a srsly tall guy (probably a varsity player) because I was practically running. I even got lost. HAHA. Lame. It was our Theo class and they were having Samson and Delilah as a scripture reading. I wasn't paying attention because I was thinking about the lyrics of Regina Spektor's "Samson". That's how bad I am at paying attention to classes I'm less interested in. Too bad I didn't have my morning cup of coffee to help me through the boredom. We also had our Intro to Clinics class and we killed the time by doing the traditional "Introduce Yourself" shizz. It was ok. Rly.

In the afternoon, Anatomy made up for everything because it was kinda fun listening to the lectures because it reminded me of Dr. Yuseco's lecture during my sophomore year in St. Paul Manila...with the planes and anatomical nomenclature. BTW, Dr. Yuseco was the one who pushed me to pursue my plans of going to Med School. Oh, and I also bought my first book, Clinical Anatomy by Moore because we have tons of reading assignments.

Not to mention, there was something annoying that came up. But I'm not gonna share all of that here. Baka may makabasa, intrigahin pa ako...Haha! Let's just say that there are arrogant a-holes around. *wink*


Day 2: I woke up late after staying up late, reading my Anatomy book...for the fear that not studying is a crime. That's how nerdy I am. But I got to school on time. Hah! And I became class sexxehtary secretary and a liaison officer for Histology. Plus a total shock came...one of the people I told funky jokes to during a blood drive at St. Paul, is going to be my professor. I almost died. Nahiya tuloy ako sa mga kalokohan ko noon. But what the heck, I am confident that he won't remember me. W00t!

Day 3: It was raining...HARD. Pedro Gil Street almost channeled an island in the Pacific because it was flooded. And unlucky me, I can't hail a cab because of the rain. So I had to go around at Malvar so I can get to Taft Avenue. I was late and so is the 10% of the class. Biochem is total mindfuck because I can't understand the major facts. Ugh. And neuroscience is interesting because Dra. Paragua says "neuroscience" like it means "party". Weird.

Day 4: Matinding ugatan sa pwet. Thursday = Physiology day. As in. One subject will last for a day. And it's also the College Mass and the Recognition and Welcome Dinner of the College of Medicine. And I was lugging Guyton around during these events. Heh.

Day 5: I woke up early but unfortunately, there was a long queue for the bathroom. There I realized that it's sad NOT to have the nerds around because I have no one to annoy. Boo! Anyway, I was careful not to run, for the fear that the stuff I read about the lymphatic system would sink to my unconscious. Haha! We had Psychiatry as the first subject and I think it'd be pretty interesting too. Then it's LOL time at the afternoon because Dr. Yaneza also gave a lecture regarding Terminator in between his lectures of the anatomical landmarks. Cool. It kept my attention span longer than my usual 30 minutes. Hee-hee.

Plus, this is the time that I found out that there is a positive case of A H1N1 at school. The infected ones are the members of our varsity team. I just dunno what sport. So the Dean disseminated information that the school will be locked up for disinfection and classes will resume on the 29th...

BUT THE MODULAR EXAMS WILL PUSH THROUGH. *insert sarcastic tone here* Yay.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm studying at San Beda College. Don't ask what happened to my acceptance at my dream school (which actually accepted me after 45,982 years of waiting) but be happy for me because I finally entered Med school after 4 years it first popped into my mind. Kthx.

And I'm sorry to those people whom I haven't told my med school plans. I told some college classmates that I quit my job because I'd transfer to Manila. I wanted to kick myself for lying by omission but I strongly believe in jinxes. That's why I never told until it's finalized. So forgive the neurotic me for doing so. :D

Welcome to my life.


kimpoy said...

me too lola! not a lot of people know about me going to med school in fear of jinxing it or getting myself embarassed if i don't get accepted or what. hahaha!

holy moly, you guys have theo? and psych? inggit ako sa psych nyo coz we're gonna have that next sem pa. and yeah, to hell with biochem. darnyou biochemists-whatever!


Mark said...

Congrats on your first week. It seems that you're already enjoying your stay at Med School. Keep it that way, and you'll surely have fun while learning.

And let me give useless lectures that may or may not help you at med school:
- Never be overconfident with your knowledge. You can't say "Pwede na yan" all the time. You need to read, read and read. Fuck it if you see people going out without you. Kasi kapag naging doctor ka na, kayang-kaya mo na libutin ang lahat ng isla ng Pilipinas at pwede mo nang sabihin: Sorry, out of town ako with my nerd friends. :D
- Read from other books...a must.
- Chillax once in a while. Not every night nga lang kasi sa sopasan ka pupulutin pag ginawa mo iyan. Di bale kung ka-lebel mo si Einstein, pwede pa. Kung utak alikabisote (combined forces ng alikabok at kabisote) ka na naman na nagpapanggap na Einstein at maya't maya ang larga mo, good luck na lang.
- Don't be intimidated by your classmates pagdating sa Biochem. As I said, iba ang takbo ng utak mo.
- Stay away from arrogant a-holes. Sila yung pinakamalupit ang bagsak in the long run. Pasakan mo ng medyas ang bibig kapag ayaw tumahimik.
- Don't give away the eBooks I gave you. Mahal ang binayad ko dun sa rights for access. Ibenta mo ang kopya para fair. Haha!

Mahaba na pala ito. Yun lang naman ang gusto kong sabihin. Good luck sa Med School. Pati na rin kay Kimpoy sa taas. :)

cors said...

Hey KC!Good luck and God bless sa pag-pursue mo mag-Med school. Well,first love ko ang pag-Med pero dahil sa orgs catering to Industrial Psych,nauto nila ako.LOL. Pero kung bumalik ang passion,(ngayong nag-resign na ako)malamang sumabak ako.harhar,good luck sa akin. :)

KC said...

@ Kimpoy: I'm just afraid of the jinx. That's all. Haha!

Psyche is fun. Wala lang. I find it srsly interesting because we'd be digging deeper than psyche nursing. :D

KC said...

@ Mark: Nalula ako sa tips mo..hehe but thanks! :D

KC said...

@ Cors: Thanksies. Basta kung na-feel mo na ang urge, gora ka na! Ganito kasi ang naramdaman ko nung nagtrabaho ako...mas malakas ang urge mag-Med kaya eto na ako. :D

Good luck Cors!

kimpoy said...

@ ex lolo mark:

thank you! and oh, is it possible for you to lend me some of your biochem skills? even scrapes would do.


kimpoy said...

@ lola kc:

i want psych! i mean, it's prolly the BEST subject there is @ medschool. praying to survive this sem so as to taste psych next sem.


KC said...

Kim, don't forget Gross Anatomy. Haha!