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Monday, 8 June 2009

Greatest Actress Evar!

I can proudly say that I now am a true blue masa jologs. That is because I am now aware of local showbiz due to my former colleagues' incessant viewing of The Buzz and SNN, plus the occasional telenovelas and stuff.

And I'm not acting all sosyal and matapobre. When I was a kid, I'm aware of local showbiz more because my Auntie Guritte is fond of watching "That's Entertainment" and "Young Love, Sweet Love" with Ate Juliet. So I know who the eff Lotlot, Monching, Sheryl, Romnick, Matet, Lilet, and Benedict Aquino. Plus, I watch Pinoy feel-good movies back in the day. Movies wherein the protagonists go out on an excursion and dance to a production number after they have thwarted the bad guys. Those kinds of movies. So save the self-righteous lectures on loving your own. and crab mentality. The use of jologs here is different from the jologs = baduy meaning because I am pertaining to the jologs = popular meaning. Kthx.

Anyway, so there are a lot of up and coming actors and actresses on TV that makes me go WTF whenever I see them on TV. Usually, they get this really useless roles that have no significance to the story. And to make matters worse, they are those who make the noisiest buzz on the gossip shows whenever they get kicked by horses, get pissed by the sarcasm of other starlets and whatever things. We can label them as the "ingay sa lipunan".

Since we've established that I'm aware of local showbiz before, I always see this actress on every movie I've seen. I still see her now. I think she has the most number of appearances on movies than any of these ingay sa lipunan's movie appearances combined. And I must say that her acting prowess is really at par with the best because when I was little, a slight grimace from her face is enough to make me wet my pants. That's how great she is.

However, I don't know her name because I was too young to even know the name. Probably you won't know as well. But I bet we'd all agree that this woman should be an icon of the Philippine movie industry.

But thanks to new technology called the intarwebz, Facebook and Google, after 18 years of wondering about her name, I finally found out what her name is. And she is: *drumroll*

Ang dakilang aswang/multo/bruha/mangkukulam ng pelikulang Pilipino

So don't tell me you haven't seen her on horror films back in the day. And don't tell me she didn't freak you out as a kid because you'd be totally lying.

For me, Lilia goes for the motherchucking win. Lilia Cuntapay is ♥.

Photo credits: Lilia Cuntapay's Facebook fan page

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ekans said...

Very talented actor... Nice one manang Lilia! :-)- http://facebook.com/master.ekans