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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Nerdiness x -10

This one week break is driving me crazy. I'm sick (but I don't have A H1N1. Kthx.) and Biochem is driving me crazy. I'm taking a crash course on it but my reading ended up as lame attempts. I can't understand 95% of what I'm reading so I decided to stop that nonsense first by camwhoring and going online. W00t!

Let me chronicle my pseudo studying...

On Saturday, I went to National Bookstore at SM Sta. Rosa to look for our book in Family and Community Medicine. I was just taking chances after looking all over Recto but my efforts are in vain. And SURPRISE! They have Maglonzo's book with only 2 copies left so I also bought the other one for my friend, Odet. While I'm at it, I also bought some stuff for school like an erasable sign pen and a clipboard for Anatomy lab, and a set of Backyardigans highlighters. The highlighters are adorable! And so is the price...it's only 25 bucks for 3 highlighters. Look:

I'm OC when it comes to my study tools so I need something to hype me up.

I don't care if the highlighters are for kids. It's cute and is made for use of kids aged 4 and up. And I belong to the "up" category. Hihi!

Our workers saw my Physiology book and they were asking me if I can read it all. Instead of answering, I showed them all the books I have. They went WTF when they saw the entire thing. They just wished me luck...while I was thinking: "And I'm needing lots of it". Heehee. Here are the things that made Ate Cristy, Ate Daisy, and Ate Arlene wish me luck:

OF COURSE, I need coffee. Kthx.

Mind you, I still lack Bloom and Fawcett for Histology, Gilroy's Anatomy atlas and Davis' book for Introduction to Clinics. I'm still thinking of getting Snell's Clinical Neuroanatomy. The white biochemistry book is my brother's.

But nothing beats the end point of my effort in understanding all the biochemical components of man...and it is something that is considered as one of the basic needs of man:


Gaah. I'm starting to loathe bio-fucking-chemistry. Srsly. I'd choose neuroscience over it.


kimpoy said...

i want those highlighters!
and like lola, like apo. we have the same books except for some and we share the same disdain for effing biochem. ugh. i have a report about essential fatty acids on tuesday. uuuck. @_@

KC said...

Go get the highlighters na. :p

I don't think what I'm feeling now is disdain...I'm actually LOATHING biochem already. Haha!

Eew. Well, good luck on your report. :)