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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Brain Farting After Week Two of 3 Exam Weeks

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Excited Little Twit

I was counting the days until the next module and long exams when I saw that the sem break is nearing. W00t! The downside is that it goes only for two weeks. But enough about it, I have to make the most out of my two weeks or I'll kick myself for being so socially retarded once again. My friends and I are planning an out of town getaway and I am so excited by the thought. We need to finalize our plans so I can ask permission from my mom and dad to go. I won't allow myself to be stuck at home since Mom thinks that I won't be available for travel on Tito Dodoy's wedding. But I'm also thinking of my little brother (who BTW, is not so little anymore...lol) because he will be missing all the fun. Cha, Ate Richie and prolly Mommy will get to travel while us, poor beings won't. I hope he gets to have a chance to go wherever.

And now due to my excitement, I am already thinking of picking out my outfits though it is still not sure. LOL. Freak. At least I won't wallow on how I sucked at my Neuroscience exam. Hah!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Takte. Latang-lata na ako, at ang utak ko wala nang maabsorb sa mga diniscuss sa aming un-physiologic na Physiology class. Good luck na lang sa Psychiatry exam bukas, mukhang di na kakayanin ng kawawa kong utak na nagsasabaw na ang magreview. Pero pinili ko ang mag-aral ulit so dapat pangatawanan ko 'to. Kaya yan! Pero matutulog muna ako. Lulz.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

My Brain Is Tired

We just got done with out module exams for Anatomy. Even if I passed, I don't feel motivated to study further and not motivated enough to do the lab report for Physiology. I feel lazy to do stuff for school as of this vacation time.

funny pictures of cats with captions

I'm on a shut down mode...not for studying but for sleep. :D


Lately, I've been typing in "LULz" instead of "LOLz" and people have noticed and started to ask me in rapid succession on why it is so.

Wala lang. HAHAHA!

It just came out from one of my evil moments, thanks to my favorite frog's new found coño diction and intonation. I dunno why people think you're coño when your Tagalog is "bulol" and your intonation is a little different. And the thing I don't understand more is when people actually becomes bulol and twists their intonation intentionally just to be labeled as coño. As for the frog's case, matigas ang dila niya so it's kinda difficult to slur the letters for the total coño effect.

I almost went into a tumbling frenzy when I heard that person's way of counting...WON, TWHO, TREEH, FOWR, FAYVE. Not to mention, I had to stifle my laughter. Srsly. It was a total coño effect FAIL. Call me an evil bitch but if you'd really hear it, you'd probably say, "Sige na, wag ka nang magpakahirap. Idiretso mo na dila mo. Coño ka na".

Since my laughter was repressed, I just made a joke out of it by starting to mess up every word, similar to LOLSpeak. And I just thought of the acronym LOL...and I decided to slur it so I can be coño sounding (kuno). So LOLz became LULz. 

So that's it, folks.

Photo courtesy of: BrilliantLeap.com