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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Another First!

Since I'm studying at San Beda in Mendiola, I am preparing myself for rallies. One, afternoon, I got to experience one while my friends and I were eating yummy street food by the bridge. Since I'm totally new when it comes to these things, I took pictures to document the event and my ka-engotan.

See it in chronological order:

1. The rallyists marching towards Mendiola...

2. Invasion of the area

3. Attempting to remove the barricade

Adik, talagang kinunan ko ng picture. Haha! Wala lang, it's just interesting for a first timer like me to see how a rally progresses. Kthx.


kimpoy said...

hahahaha. pwede ka nang journalist lola. srsly. ^__^

KC said...

Haha! Naaliw kasi ako eh. And I was like "ZOMG, andyan na silaaaaaa!"

Engot-engot. :p

kimpoy said...

waaaaaaaaaah. there's always a first time. at least yung sayo, memorable kung memorable since you documented it pa. ^_^