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Monday, 7 September 2009

End of Long Weekend

This weekend, I have completely regained my interest in coming back to school, although I'm still too lazy to flip open my books. Like I what I have chirped on Twitter, I haven't done anything med related this week. Bakit ba, pahinga muna ako. Hindi naman ako si Curacha no.

But srsly, after the horrendous results, I vow that I will do better this time. So with that, I'm dropping the long weekend mode and I gotta go:

...before I feel further laziness creep in. Anyway, September 21st will be another vacation time so there's more time to chillax once more.

Later, kids.


Madz said...

miss you ate! =)

Madz said...

ate ... am using new URL na nga pala. http://madz-denial-queen.blogspot.com/ =)

gasti said...

uy nag aral ka na pala sa san beda ngyon? goodluck sa studies! at sa baha at rally..hehe!