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Saturday, 5 September 2009

The First Time I Went To Baha-mas

Back in my college days, I've never experienced bad ass flood on the way to school. Even during the time of typhoon Milenyo, Malvar Street wasn't flooded. That was the perk of living and studying in a place with good drainage system.

Fast forward to the present, I'm on the process of getting used to traverse on flooded streets on the way to school. The U-belt is flood prone, as opposed to Pedro Gil. As my friends from UST said, "Umihi lang ang aso, babaha na". Lol. So when it rained hard one Friday mid-morning, the result is a major flood. When I looked out the window, my jaw literally dropped when I saw that our street is flooded. I have no clue on how high the water level is. And I have no intention to find out, especially after I saw gross stuff floating. Just by looking at the murky water, you'd know that you'd acquire full-force leptospirosis. To make matters worse, we have an exam on Anatomy and the school admin won't cancel it. *insert sarcastic tone here* Whoopee!

As a neophyte to flood, I am so clueless to what I should do. But thank goodness for pedicabs. The manong asked me to put my feet up as he bravely went through the flood. And boy, the water level is really high. Plus the river beside San Beda was overflowing. Naloka ako. First time. But I got to school safe and dry, thanks to Manong pedicab driver. Not to mention, I passed the exams even if I was too preoccupied by the flood.

I was too stunned to even take a picture. So when I had the guts to capture it, I was on my way home to Laguna already. The water level is not that high anymore.

Oh well, there's always a first time for everything. What's next, a flood that is as extensive as a wavepool? ZOMG.

Wag naman sana. Lalong wag pag may exam. Lol.

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