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Saturday, 5 September 2009

I ♥ The JabbaWockeeZ

I was at TriNoma last night with my sisters to watch the JabbaWockeeZ work it on the dance floor. LIVE. Whoopee! Screw the exams since my brain is on a non-absorption mode and the boys just come in rare moments. However, it's sad that I didn't capture the event because I don't have a decent camera with me and that the people at my back are so malikot that whenever I try to take photos with my camera phone, it gets blurred.

Here's the only photo I took:

And it sucked pa. Pfft!

Some lucky bastards who were able to get those much coveted stubs/passes, were able to have their picture taken with the boys. I wanted to have a solo with Kid Rainen pa naman. Tch. Fangirl mode ako eh. Here's a snippet of the kickass performance of the JabbaWockeeZ:

The place was packed and I didn't know I'd be able to withstand the heat and the huge crowd.

Probably it's because...I ♥ The JabbaWockeeZ. =)

crowd photo from ÜberTwitter


kimpoy said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaah. i didn't make it lola. huhuhuhu. andz was there too. huhuhu.

KC said...

It's so crazy. Too bad you guys didn't get to be there.

kimpoy said...

OA nga raw ang dami ng tao. and judging from the photos you posted, OA nga. glad you survived despite being too many people phobic. ^_^

KC said...

OA talaga. Uminit nga yung area despite the high thermostat of the airconditioning.

If I didn't love the boys, I won't wriggle my way in. Haha. I was late, actually. I just made siksik so I got to be in front. :p