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Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Phantom Menace

After I saw the teaspoon on my mug stir all by itself in the dead of the night, I have been pretty jumpy on all things possibly supernatural that's happening in my dorm. Fine, I'm going paranoid. Thankfully, I haven't experienced anything after the "Moving Teaspoon On My Mug" incident.

Until two days ago...

I came from a sleepover (in my sisters' dorm, kthx) and I immediately fixed my stuff for school. I laid my wallet on my bed and didn't touch it since I was also eating. Then as I am going to pick up my wallet from the bed and stuff it in my backpack: HOLY @(^%)#&*^#*. Nawawala ang wallet ko! Wala namang kukuha nun, mag-isa lang ako.

I looked everywhere even if I'm positive I didn't touch it. And it's totally impossible for me NOT to see it immediately because it's wide and red. Plus I placed it beside my Physiology book. So I entertained the possibility of a Phantom Menace. Feeling frustrated, I closed my eyes and said "Taena mainit na ang ulo ko, ilabas mo na ang wallet ko". As I opened my eyes, I freaked.


I almost died.

I hope my mind was just playing tricks. Sana si Aling Dionesia na lang ang kumuha, natanggap ko pa ang scare factor.


Well, excuse me for living.

Ghost Rider photo source Aling Dionesia Photo Source


kimpoy said...

homaigod. that IS freaky. let's pray for that soul lola. naway tantanan ka na nya. ^_^

Jakey Junkie said...

If that sort of phenomenon has been happening for quite a long while, then most probably there really IS something. Or maybe you might have been to preoccupied?

KC said...

@ Kimpoy: Sana nga. I need to work on Biochem and Physio and that soul is keeping me from doing so. Napapaaga ang tulog ko dahil sa kanya. LOL.

KC said...

@ Jakey: It has been happening for a longtime, according to the caretaker. I WISH I was preoccupied but that's how the entity works...