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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Three Week Hell

I'm in an altered state of sanity during the past month. Someone had this really bright idea of scheduling three exam weeks in succession. I just said to myself, "Well, welcome to med school, you little ambitious fart". I have to comply, study and pass. Though the passing part is quite so-so, I got my act together and tried to study.

The first week was perfectly fine, because I was able to study everything. I'm satisfied with the outcome because I passed everything, including my most loathed subject, Biochemistry and the nose bleed inducing Physiology. I'm happy with my marks because it beat the passing grade. Not bad for a twisted little freak like me.

Second week is just OK. Expected to flunk Neuroscience. Ok, kaya pa even if I'm not feeling well and my eyes are all puffy again.

The last week is the time that I think I was about to crack. I'm already feeling the laziness. creeping in. It's the time that my brain figuratively went into shut down. No more info is coming in and I'm freaking out because I know I need to study but my traitorous brain won't focus. So I arranged my stuff to motivate me...but I did it in vain. Maganda pa naman ang arrangement ko. Hihi!

But I didn't come to the point that I want to quit. I won't quit, even if I may develop premature ventricular contractions or neuropathy due to excessive coffee intake. I want this for real. Srsly.

Speaking of OC-ness, while I was amusing myself on my study break, I compared the number of my highlighters from pre-med days to med school days. In pre-med, I used to have two highliters. Now, I have four (pink, yellow, blue, and green) and I have to LOL at my books kasi nagmumukha nang coloring book sa dami ng kulay. Look:

Parang pinagtripan lang ng adik

Though I flunked Physiology and got mediocre grades in Anatomy of the third week, I don't freaking care now. The Three Week hell is done and I'm so happy. =)


kimpoy said...

hahahaha. am becoming a caffeine dependent na rin lola.

am happy that you passed bioeffinchem and physio. at least one of us medpeeps are doing good. me on the other hand, haven't passed anything yet is still ambitious and stubborn to dream of the the white coat.

hay ambot.

KC said...

Caffeine junkies unite!

Thanks Kim. But I dunno if I can sustain my Biochem stat because it gets harder and harder. I'm starting to mess up on anatomy too. BTW, I flunked Physio for the first time on the third set. Haha.

And we won't give up. We are determined, ambitious farts and failures won't get in our way. Aja!

kimpoy said...

waaaaaaaaah. my bioeffinchem midterms is frustrating. 4 points na lang pasado na. i dunno lola, am losing hope. i don't want to lose this. but yeah, hurray for us being ambisyosas. ^_^

anyway, you know dr. ampil?

KC said...

Ganyan din yung first exam ko. Ilang points na lang, pasado na. Don't lose hope, kapalan na lang ng fez to. Haha!

Yep. He's our prof in Histology. Ambilis niya magsalitaaaa...:D