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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Contest Prize Winner

I am totally unlucky when it comes to raffles, promos and contests. Whenever my purchases qualify for a raffle stub, I fill it up for the sake of well, filling it up because I don't expect to win anyway. The first time that I won a contest was way back in second grade where I won a Greenpeace shirt and the last time I won was in fourth grade, when I won a mini pillow both for a treasure hunt during the Intramurals at Child Jesus Academy. After that, my losing streak went on and on.

However, my 12 year drought was broken when my mom informed me that she got a letter from Manila Ocean Park because I won a prize from their “Win Fabulous Prizes” promo.

WAIT. What?

Uh huh. I actually won. W00t! I found out during Physio class, just as I am beginning to be bored. I got rly excited that I wanted to LOL in class after I read my mom's text message.

I won Fish Spa tickets for 2. Hee! I so love the Fish Spa even if it makes me laugh like a frikken idiot because the doctor fishes tickle me. I'm going to drag my mom to come with me because both of us have badly calloused feet. I just hope that the fish won't choke when they nibble on my feet.


Mommy, Cha-mu, and Ate Richie in the Fish Spa

Barracudas o piranhas may be more effective. Not only they will effectively nibble off the callous completely, they will even gobble your feet off. Haha.


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