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Friday, 16 October 2009

Dramatic Movies and Telenovelas Are Actually Hilarious

I admit, I watch telenovelas and movies (as long as it's by ABS-CBN. LOL). Sometimes, I just cannot take the excessive cheese and the heavy drama but it's fine with me. It is what makes the movie or telenovela uniquely Pinoy. However, I ROTFL and go WTF when I see total medical situation FAILs on local TV series and movies.

Here are some of the best (or worst) failures I've seen:

Tracheostomy FAIL in Totoy Bato- The girl acting as a patient has a tracheostomy tube and she is delivering a one page script audibly...with no difficulty. Like she doesn't have a trache at all. Ate Richie and I sniggered loudly at the bus while this girl went on to the second page of the script.

Labor, Delivery Assistance and Thermoregulation FAIL in Katorse- Nene (Erich Gonzales) is primigravid (first time mother) and she gives birth immediately because I think her cervix dilated to 10cm and went into a 100% effacement in a snap. And the one who attended to her is Jojo (Enchong Dee), who seems to be really adept into assisting deliveries because he flawlessly delivered the baby. He caught the baby (with no vernix caseosa at all and with massive amounts of clotted blood on the skin) and passed it on to Nene, who made chummy with the unclothed baby for like, 5 minutes tops. And the baby seemed OK. I facepalmed. For real.

Endotracheal Tube FAIL in a GMA telenovela I can't remember- The guy acting as a patient is just biting the balloon end of the endotracheal tube but is secured with a ridiculous length of Leukoplast. I stopped myself from LOL'ing in the bus.

Endotracheal Tube FAIL in a Bong Revilla movie- After Bong Revilla was told that he should go back to earth because it isn't his time to die, he fell into some vortex. And then the next thing he knew is that he's ALIVE. Oh goody! But he felt something on his mouth and he pulled that pesky ET tube out his throat. And he felt no pain. Actually, I was the one who grimaced at what he did. Not because I can feel the pain, but because it was a total FAIL.

Code Blue, Cardioversion and Expiration FAIL in almost all dying scenes- The patient is deteriorating. Oh noes! So he/she gathers the family around him and goes on with a monologue about his/her dying wishes. Then after saying a 4 page script, the patient stops speaking and closes his/her eyes and the cardiac monitor beeps as it goes flat line. There is no one who will call the nurse or the doctor. Instead, they will all hug the deceased. Magically, medical staff will appear with the apparatuses during the hug sessions. No emergency drug will be given and they will immediately proceed to CPR (complete with the wrong hand placement and hand lock), simultaneously with defibrillation (even on a flat line).

Endorsement FAIL in a GMA afternoon soap- Camille Prats is a nurse in this series. There was a scene wherein she will go on duty. I thought that she's making her rounds with a colleague but I realized that they're endorsing in front of the patient. I laughed maniacally that my boss went WTF. Okay, so it's time saving if we do that in the actual area, no?

These medical situation failures influence the perception of the people regarding actual medical conditions. People get the wrong idea and sometimes this is hard to change. We'd have to explain more or less, 5 times before they actually get it.

Maybe if I'd make my own drama, I'd take time to explain the details of the disease in the best possible way. People hate technicalities so I'm guessing that my series will be a major flop.


rich said...

winner post!!!! Eto ang pinagmumulan ng lahat ng katoxican e. Yung napapanood nila sa tv. bwiset

Jakey Junkie said...

In the same light, I also saw a site wherein it explains the true, real nature of how crime scene investigation works. Of course, it also busted the nuts out of the hit TV franchise CSI. The article went on as saying that the real thing takes longer time and has more meticulous and strict procedures and what-nots than what's portrayed on the show, among other things. Being "Hollywood," the show must add some fancy sci-fi and abbreviate time and everything to appeal to the audience. Kasi kung gagawin talaga 'yung sa ginagawa in reality, baka mawalan ito ng appeal. :D

I've always been a CSI fan, both the show and the interest in the science as well.

So 'yun nga, these shows have to slightly branch out of reality and put fictional contents to make it appealing to the unsuspecting audience. For the rest of us who know how it really works in reality, alam naman natin ang talagang dapat. :D Tsaka 'yun nga, kelangan nating silang pagpaliwanagan kung kinakailangan. Apir!

KC said...

@ Richie: I know. Fo' realz.

@ Jakey Junkie: I know but if I'm to use CSI as a basis for comparison, medyo malapit sa katotohanan ang ginagawa nila so at least people are getting some of the real bits. Eh yung dito sa TV shows na nabanggit ko, procedural FAIL na nga, information FAIL pa. Haha!