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Friday, 16 October 2009

I Hate Nursing Uniform FAILs

Ever since I got into the big wide world of Nursing, I always make it a point to check my general appearance, including the uniform. Actually, I'm very particular with the uniform because it serves as my identity as a nurse. I don't like fitted uniforms because it restricts my movement. Screw it if loose uniforms make me look bulky, as long as I can raise my hand, run, bend without difficulty. My training at St. Paul has opened my eyes that your appearance will add an air of authority so you need to keep it respectable.

That's why I LMAO'ed when the Philippine Nurses Association filed a complaint regarding the slutty uniform used in Pinoy Big Brother. Total nursing uniform FAIL. The first time I saw it, I smelled trouble. For the record, there is no Nursing Service administrator who will design a uniform for the ladies in which tits would pop out of the blouse and skirts with crotches and lower buttcheeks will be exposed at the slightest bending, like these examples:

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

Total nursing uniform FAIL.

...unless those service administrators are high on crack.

Whenever I see people wearing sexed up nurse's uniform in commercials or programs, I get pissed off. And to top it off, these people also wear the nurse's cap, which totally annoys the shit out of me. Knowing how media strongly influences the mindset of its viewers, the slutty uniforms and the rowdy behavior of the dressed up people negatively affect the image of nurses. It's bad enough that we get to be labeled as “katulong ng doktor”, “tagahugas ng pwet” and other forms of stereotyping, being disrespected on the job takes the cake. I've experienced getting comments from patients like, “Sana miniskirt na lang ang uniform mo” while checking IV fluid levels. They wouldn't even think of that if they don't get any ideas from crappy TV shows or commercials. It's totally awkward and annoying, I tell you.

I am strongly against the use the uniform and cap as a costume on TV if the characters won't carry it with proper bearing. If they are so desperate to dress up as nurses, get a white shirt dress minus the cap and pretend to be one. That's when you can really shout out like a maniac, “Naka-costume ako na pang-nurse. Woohoo!”.

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