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Monday, 30 November 2009

How I Roll (Nerd Style)

People ask me what are my study techniques and I answer with a photoblog:

Exhibit A: Patayin sa Katoxican ang Sarili

Exhibit B: Eksenang Yakult

Exhibit C: Coffee + Milk = ZzZzZz

Exhibit D: Textbook = Coloring Book

Exhibit E: Trace the Pattern on the Slide

So hey, talk nerdy to me.

Talk Geeky To Me

I have been addicted to this game since the time that my cousin Jaristi installed this game in my laptop. It wasn’t that popular yet when we first played it. It’s like, my detox whenever I feel so tired from reading all of my textbooks. Now that it’s all the rage, I found out that a lot of my classmates are playing the game. Even during class. W00t!


And I find it funny that in class, when one is playing, those who know the game huddle up behind the player and watch. By rough estimation, about 15% of the class is watching, including me. LOL. And there in that small huddle, we share some tips and techniques on how to surpass the Survival Endless. It’s like a meeting of the Secret Society of Geeks because those who are not in the know will go WTF if they try to invade the circle.

To think that I’m not that comfortable talking with my other classmates yet, but when we converse about Plants VS Zombies, we can talk for as long as we want. Haha! I prefer that more than being invited to drinking sessions. I love being a geek.

Geeks unite!

Walang Magawa sa Buhok

My hair is so staticky that it has a life of its own so it’s kind of hard to style. Even though it’s like that, I love my hair. And telling me to have my hair rebonded won’t work because I don’t want to get lost in the sea of stick straight hair plus it’s a fuss to maintain it. I’d rather keep the money and have a Serena van der Woodsen vibe. Kthx.

Since I’m maarte like dut, I use colorful hair clips and headbands. Wala lang. Pauso. That’s how I make up for the unruliness of my tresses. And here’s the latest addition to my collection:

Parang Sadako lang...

I’m feeling so bored that I want to cut my hair. When I was watching One Liter of Tears, I saw Asumi-san’s adorable fringes that I wanted to have my bangs cut like hers.

However, I’m having second thoughts if I’m going to have bangs again because 1. It’s generic, 2. Insecurang Frog has bangs and 3. I don’t like the extra fuss in styling my hair.

Thinking about reason #2, how about a no?

70% WIN, 30% FAIL

I browse through magazines at Coffee Bean whenever I am there. There’s this particular magazine that I like because of the content and the inexpensive but cute stuff that they feature. However, I find the cover girl totally wrong. If it weren’t for the big “TRAVEL ISSUE” plastered on the front page, I wouldn’t have picked it up. I totally understand that despite the talent crisis that your cover girl is in right now, she’s popular like dut so she brings in the cash.

Constipated look

But anyway, nice try Stella Magazine.