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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Fancy Coffee Is Not Always Yummy

As a night owl, I can’t survive without my caffeine fix be it coffee, tea or chocolate. Well, except for soda. I consume coffee the most so I am meticulous of how the strength of my coffee should be. I like my coffee strong and cold. Yum!

I don’t usually experiment with coffee variants, except for seriously desperate times. A couple of days ago, there was no regular Nescafe 3 in 1 available so I opted for the Sweet ‘n Creamy variant.

I was expecting it to be as strong as the regular variant, only it is sweeter and thicker in consistency. For the few peso difference in the price, it should be. After my first gulp, I went WTH. It’s like a diluted version of my coffee. Unlucky me, Mercury Drug is already closed so I can’t buy the plain coffee to add to the disappointing mix (Disclaimer: I rarely buy at Mini Stop because the patong is ridiculous. Preposterous even.).

Nescafe should try to look into the possibility of labeling their products as regular, mild, or PVC inducing. That’s all.

InfoNURSEtion Goes For The WIN! Again.

Whenever I get hold of a copy of the InforNURSEtion, I get really giddy. It’s like a mix of nostalgia and anticipation. That’s because I belong to the batch of students who revived the paper and knowing the moderator, Ms. Mary Ann Pascual’s penchant for something new every issue is just exciting. And it’s also because I’m a freak. Lol.


This paper has gone a long way from the first issue we launched when I was a college junior. My position as sports editor is now defunct (HAHA!), there are new segments that are added, and the ZOMGWTHZOMGWOW moment is that when it was chosen to represent St Paul Manila in the Catholic Mass Media Awards Student Paper Category. Even though we didn’t win, I must say that the InfoNURSEtion keeps getting better and better.

But you guys didn’t escape my watchful eye for I have some comments. Tee-hee.

First off, the image used in the cover was kind of pixelated. You can see that when you take a closer look. I suggest that a high-res image be used for those profile close-ups so that if ever there is a need to enlarge the image, it’d still be sharp. Secondly, please put credits for the photos. We don’t want to be accused of violating the Intellectual Property Rights law. I practice it on my blog because I read in the newspaper that there is strict implementation of that in cyberspace. I don’t know if it’s applicable in print media but I hope it’s practiced to avoid future problems. Also, some of the photos are dim. Please adjust the brightness and/or contrast so that there’s no need to squint or whatever. That’s all.

And I like the idea of featuring exceptional alumnae. Although it takes too much work selecting and interviewing the person, it’s a segment that’s worth reading. It’s inspiring actually, because you get to be informed of the fields in nursing practice that you can probably excel in and that their success story is just motivating.

Keep up the good work, you guys.

Hu U?

Whenever I pass by Taft Avenue, I always look at this certain ad board on the LRT1 pillars:

Wala lang. That guy is HOTTTT! I wonder what his name is…type ko kasi sha. LOL.


Major Upgrade

Oh look at what I saw at the corner of 680 Pedro Gil St., Malate Manila:

It’s a revamped version of The Paulinian, in a magazine format. SAY WHAT?! Yes, a magazine format. And wait a second! It is a reminiscent of a certain college paper I used to write for. Hmm…InfoNURSEtion, is it? Anyway, since I’m an evil hag, I browsed the pages to see if there are any content that is facepalm-worthy. In fairness, there is almost none. Major improvement. Even I surprised myself for being awestruck. Not bad.

However when I started reading some articles, I went WTH. As usual, the activities of some colleges especially the College of Nursing’s activities are not noted. That is FAIL #1, which for me is always the roadblock of this school paper: unbalanced reporting. Another thing is that it was total election overkill. I appreciate their effort to raise the awareness of exercising your right to vote but I found some of the articles redundant at some times because it all boils down to one message. But it’s ok, at least the redundancy is for a good cause so I won’t rate it as a FAIL.

But then, the Vox Populi part is what made me facepalm for real. When I read the comments regarding the Turnstile ID system, I had to cringe. Well, who wouldn’t cringe if you have read that the line at the ID terminal causes them to be late? There’s a simple solution for that and it doesn’t involve the administration. COME TO CLASS EARLY! And to avoid a long queue, wear your ID so you won’t have to fish it out of your bag when it’s time to swipe your ID. WTH. Some comments are so superficial that I wanted to burn that section. I won’t be surprised if one of these days I will hear that “Paulinians are whiners” or “Paulinians are idiots” because their problem is so simple and the solution is sitting on the top of their heads. In relation to these out of logic survey responses, I am hoping that next time there must be active selection of what is going to be included in the paper. Srsly because it was a total survey response FAIL.

Also, I don’t know if I was too baked reading my Biochemistry book or that I am just plain unimaginative, but I DIDN’T GET THE ABSTRACTION OF THE COVER. Honestly when I look at it at a glance I see cow turd and when I stare at it, it’s like a mutated walnut. I don’t mean to be crass but that’s just my observation. I hope that catchy colors were utilized to liven up the front page since this is the maiden issue of the new The Paulinian. I won’t rate it as a FAIL because I can’t go and create a magazine cover like the artist did. It’d probably look mutated all the time. Haha!

On the bright side, I liked most of the contents. It’s audience-friendly therefore there are high instances that the students will actually read what’s in it. I applaud the staff of The Paulinian for this brave move. There’s always room for improvements so I’m not that hard on you guys. I’m actually glad for this overhaul because the format is now appropriate for the contents.

If you guys are to ask me if I’d keep this copy, I say I would. It wouldn’t end up in the same fate that its predecessors had been: as a stain guard for my bed.