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Saturday, 6 February 2010

My Bad

OK. So my first post for the year isn't exactly that meaningful but whatevs.

To supplement you with something interesting, just check out this photo na lang. :D

Can't read much? Click here.

Mystery Solved!

After racking my brain and utilizing useless resources, I finally found out who the "guy of my dreams" is! Malandi, I know but spare me. I'm a girl...a fangirl.

From an unknown male in the Solmux ad board...

Dimple pa lang, ulam na.

FYI, he's straight. ZOMG.WTH.ZOMG.LOL. Kinilig naman ako. Haha!

Too bad he's just here for some modeling jobs and some WTH TV project for Deadpan Dude's series in GMA 7. But who cares? He stimulates the nerd in me. This guy better be sitting with me on Intro to Clinics class so that we can define stimulation with Dra. Nicodemus. Haha!

Steely says: Ang mga sobrang gwapo ay yung kadalasang may sablay. I believe that.

...kasi sablay si Daniel Matsunaga dahil wala ako sa piling niya. *hyenic laugh*
Cheesy shit. I better end this now. Kbye.

Photos care of Chuvaness and Everywhere We Shoot