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Monday, 22 March 2010

Facepalm, Graduation Edition

• Lower Life Form (LLF) - n. A person who intentionally does an act that was earlier stated as prohibited.
• Universal Lower Life Form (ULLF) – n. The general term for the lower life forms of St Paul University Manila.

I attended my sister, Charmaine’s graduation last night at the Fleur-de-lis Auditorium. And I admit that her graduation, despite being held only in the school auditorium, is better because it was so organized compared to mine. Mine was held in the PICC Plenary Hall but it was so annoyingly disorganized. But that’s a completely different story. What made my sister’s graduation better is that the College of Nursing was separated from majority of the universal lower life forms so the instructions are executed well.

Before any program starts, it is a protocol of our university to brief the audience with some of the rules, like refraining from howling to maintain the solemnity of the ceremony. Technically, the ceremony was pushing through smoothly until the graduates of the College of Nursing were called out one by one.

“WOOOOOO!” A lower life form hollered as a graduate’s name was called.

I rolled my eyes and flashed that boy with an icy glare. I wanted to tell him to shut up but the audience on the second floor of the auditorium was already saying “Ssh!” to make him stop. But the boy wasn’t fazed. To add insult to the injury:


I facepalmed. For real.

The rest of the audience were rolling their eyes and gave him annoyed looks. I saw the grimace on Ms. Dychangco’s (beautiful) face. Ms. Wynna, the University President was still smiling but her eyes have a “please-stop-it-will-you?” type of look. The nuns looked up at the second floor with an evil glare. Although there are times that the graduates themselves are howling, they did it shortly to cheer their classmate who they think deserve to be there. This lower life form can’t be stopped. He hollered once and then hollered continuously. WTH.

And then another lower life form, this time a girl, shrieked when her sister was called. Hindi nagpatalo ang lola nyo kay male LLF. I facepalmed again. The rest of the audience said “Ssh”. Sa totoo lang, ok sanang sumigaw ng ganun kung nasa competition kami. Kahit naman ako makikisigaw pero formal event kasi yun eh. That was just wrong.

Even my nasty sister cringed in her seat. I had to LOL at her comments. Charmaine told me that her one of her classmates said “Oh my gawd, bakit pinayagang pumasok ang mga squatter?” The classmate took the words right out of everyone’s mouth.

Boy and girl, knowing the professors of the College of Nursing, your sisters are going to be screwed because of your behavior. Screwed, I tell you.

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