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Saturday, 10 April 2010

A True Story

Watch this first. Then I'll talk.

I saw this video over at my sister's blog and I strongly agree with Dr. Leah Paquiz is talking about: nurses are exploited.

This is one of the reasons why I went unemployed for 6 months after passing the June 2007 Nurses' Licensure exam. Almost of all of the hospitals I've applied to are not open for hiring or have preposterous board rating requirements that only the topnotcher can cook up. Instead, they give me this option to "volunteer" so that if a staff nurse resigns, they can have me as the replacement. 

There was this instance at a local hospital I was applying to that I tried to find out what the heck this volunteer thing is. After submitting my resume and getting the same reply that I got from the rest of the hospitals, I asked:

"Hanggang kailan naman po iyang volunteer period?"

"Basta hanggang may mag-resign", the HR personnel replied. I nod my head, signifying that I understood.

Mistaking my nod for a yes, the woman immediately followed it up with "Kaso wala kang sweldo. Tapos magbabayad ka ng 4,000 para sa modules."

I just stared at her in aghast, almost saying "what the hell?" out loud. Four fucking thousand? Are you kidding me? That was the last straw. Considering the immigration status of nurses, there is no freaking way that someone will resign ASAP. And if I do volunteer, how long would I wait to be a regular employee? I bet it'd take me forever. Forever waiting, forever unpaid. 

"Ano, isa-sign up na ba kita?" The HR employee cut into my rebellious mental rampage.

I said, "no" and smiled. A I'm-not-a-dumbass-so-I-won't-take-your-stupid-offer kind of smile, that is. Then I left.

I'd rather wallow in self-pity in being unemployed rather than get myself exploited. Four years of rigorous training in nursing school and a professional nurse's license and that's what I'm going to get!? I won't allow myself to participate in this con trick, thank you very much.

I don't deserve this kind of treatment. Actually EVERY professional nurse doesn't deserve this.

Almost everyone had the same problem that I encountered. This was already brought to the attention of the government and they provided us with an assurance that they will do everything they can to stop this.

But that assurance is still stuck at the shithole of their motor cortex. There are still a whole lot of nurses shelling out their own money and is working without salary just for the sake of experience. More nursing graduates are produced annually. A few thousand become registered nurses but only a handful of them get decent paying jobs at hospitals and clinics.

Don't get me started with the poor working conditions and poor compensation once they get employed. It's like instant death from fatigue and hunger. Aside from the contribution to humanity, nurses have to make a living too, you know.

I am mad that this is happening, so to speak. Even if I blogged about this the whole day and invite everyone to march around Mendiola in a rally in the past, there's no one in the administration who provided us with a solution. And then they are bragging that we are the number one exporter of nurses. WTH. It seems to me that nurses flee the sorry condition that they are in.

So to the next batch of politicians, PLEASE LANG. Help the Philippine health care profession to be free of the rut that it is stuck in.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Two Places I Wish I’ve Known While I’m At It

1. Olotayan Island, Roxas City, Capiz
I’ve been to Roxas City, Capiz countless times and I have never heard anyone in the family talk about this island. And I’m not even sure if my relatives knew that this island ever existed in the geography of the province because they keep taking us to Baybay Beach whenever my siblings and I go beach crazy.

As far as my research goes, this island is just a twenty minute boat ride away from the city proper and it boasts of white sand beach, along with the nearby islands whose names I forgot.

Oh my gulay, so pretty!

A few years back, my siblings and I stayed with my grandparents in Roxas City for a month and got tired of Baybay Beach, not knowing that there is something for us to discover at Olotayan Island. If I had known, I would’ve had a totally kickass vacation.

2. Bat Caves, Boracay Island, Aklan
It was after a few weeks of our Boracay trip that we realized that what the boatman wanted us to see is the Bat Caves. Now I know why the boatman wanted us to leave Puka Beach early. He wanted to steer clear of the rough current so we can get to the other side of the island. And we, the clueless tourists do not know what the heck is on that part that the boatman wanted us to see.

But the current set in really fast and it wasn’t advisable to go. And the advice came from three experienced seafarers (the boatman, my uncle, and my cousin) so I’d rather not insist in going. At least we got back safely. And there’s no use going back the next day, we were with kill joys so it’s going to be a no-no.

Now that I’ve known the two, I’m ready to go back. :D

Olotayan Island photo taken here. There's plenty where that came from. Click on the link to view more photos.

Di Ko Ma-Gets

This is one TV commercial (TVC) that I don’t understand:

Bakit ka bibili ng regular bacon at margarine kung ayaw mong ipakain sa asawa mo? Pwede namang bumili ng lean meat at reduced fat or zero fat margarine kung gusto mo ng cholesterol controlled diet. Not to mention, the girl’s throat clearing sounds really annoying. Pretty pa naman si ate.

Can someone please enlighten me on this one? My realistic thinking seems to be clouding my appreciation for marketing strategies so if you know the answer and even bother answering, thank you very much.

I Am Not Normal…Or At Least My Circadian Rhythm Isn't

• 11:00 PM – I’m starting preparing myself before going to sleep.
• 11:30 PM – I go to bed.
• 11:31 PM onwards – I toss and turn, trying to make myself fall asleep while occasionally glancing at my cellphone clock.
• 1:53 AM – Last usual time check.
• Unknown Time – I fall asleep.
• 10 AM – I wake up but still feel tired.

I know this is not a normal human being’s bedtime but that’s my sleep routine for the past few weeks. For ten freaking months, even if I’m really sleepy, I’m not supposed to doze off as early as normal humans should because I need to finish reading. But now that I’m actually free of these tasks, I can’t even fall asleep. This is getting frustrating.

Technically, I’m awake at night and asleep during the day. So that’s why there are times I can’t help falling asleep during class.

Power napping.

And no, I’m not one of them vampires or call center agents. I’m just a regular student whose body clock is seriously messed up. Take it from me, kids. You wouldn’t want a fucked up body clock. It’d be bitching on you for the rest of your sleeping life so I suggest you get all the sleep that you can.

Miss Lonely

And I’m not referring to my love life. Sometimes there is more to life than Kthx.

Have you ever felt so happy that you want to celebrate with the people close to you but you can’t because you think that it is inappropriate to make them go out of their way for you while in the middle of solving their own crisis? I’m in that situation now and not liking it one bit. This is one of my most hated feelings. EVER.

To console myself, I try my best to help them in any way I can so at least they won’t feel left out.

Although I’m doing my best to help them, I can’t help thinking of giving a little love to myself. I know it’s not wrong but I have always believed that happiness should be shared. For me, success is meaningless when you have no one to share it with. You’d still end up lonely. It’s hard to be happy but alone.

There are times that I am happy when I’m alone. But that’s just when I need personal space, my own time to think through things. This is different.

I think all of this is coming from a part of me growing up.

For The Removals

Since the removal exam draws near, let me share some of the prayers that was taught to us by our clinical instructors during my college days. It was really helpful for me so I hope that it would also help you guys along the way. :)

Prayer To St. Joseph of Cupertino
O great St. Joseph of Cupertino, who while on earth did obtain from God the grace to be asked in the examinations only the questions you know. Grant us a similar favor in the examination we are preparing to take. In return, we promise to make you known and cause you to be invoked.

St. Joseph of Cupertino, pray for us. (3x)


Prayer To The Infant Jesus
O miraculous Infant Jesus, we beseech you to cast a merciful look on our troubled hearts. Set your tender heart inclined to pity, be softened by our prayer and grant us the grace that we ardently implore, (insert petition here: e.g. a passing mark in the removal exams). Take from us the affliction, despair, trials and misfortune and send us consolation and aid for the sake of your Sacred Infancy. Hear our prayers that we may praise you with the Father and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.

Good luck guys! :)

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Grammar Police - Repost

Was browsing through my blog entries and my Multiply account. Old but I still LOL'ed. Original entry from my Multiply site.

Ever since my Gossip Girl Pinoy Version was discussed in Chuvaness' blog, my blog stats went up due to the influx of visitors from her site. And these sets of visitors probably included this anonymous commentor who said:

Grammar Police

I was perplexed because this person clearly did not get the essence of exaggeration and shoved up into my ass the textbook-based technicalities of the English language. So I told this person in my most polite explanation:

Grammar Police2

I should've included: "Thank you, Captain Anonymous Asshole, Sir". Heh.

Clearly, this dude doesn't know that exaggeration (hyperbole) is also part of the English language by means of the figures of speech. And as a sucker for formality, shouldn't this person know how dynamic and flexible the rules are? What pissed me off that bad is he/she started to intimidate me by asking dumbass questions and assuming I have pyloric fucking stenosis, as if I don't know what the hell is that.

I should probably tell this fucktard to log on to Urban Dictionary.com.

I am also a "grammar police" but I don't go around and tell people that their grammar is fucking wrong...I just say it out loud when (1) the person is insulting but is using wrong grammar and (2) if the sentence belongs to a paragraph in a thesis or in any formal document.

So if you're a loud grammar police like this loser, a piece of advice: when you correct other people, make sure your corrections don't have epic fail written all over it.

Old School Calculating Is Still The Best

Oh gaahd. I'm so bored out of my wits so I tried de-cluttering my email inbox and suddenly became interested in all things old school. And it reminded me of those old sites I used to visit during internet lab hours back in my sophomore year in high school. So I typed one of them in. Boy oh boy, I was surprised that it is still up and running. I couldn't contain my hyenic laughter upon typing my victims' crushes' names.

Before all those love quizzes appeared in Facebook, I now present what we, the lowly jologs have: the Love Calculator.

Let's try it, boys and girls.

Exhibit A:
Lalaban Tayo.

Exhibit B:
Parang grade lang sa isang barberong Rel. Ed. essay nung college

Exhibit C:
*tili* kay sugar_baron? *himatay*

Amazing! Konti na lang maniniwala na ako kaya nilagay ko agad ang pangalan ni"JJ" para makita ang aming kapalaran. At ito ang lumabas:


Thursday, 1 April 2010


People asked my stand on the issue after I posted the link. Read: They want to hear my bitchy comment. Here’s what I have to say:

Getting a professional license for nurses is bittersweet. Those clinical rotations and sleepless nights working on my requirements and studying for the exams have paid off when I saw my name on the roll of successful examinees of the June 2007 Nurses’ Licensure Exam. All those four years of hard work in nursing school seemed like a thing of the past.

And it took only four seconds for a dimwitted TV show to fuck up my integrity. Okay, so not only me but every nurse’s integrity. And it doesn’t involve reporters asking Justin Timberlake if he’s bringing sexy back.

I knew that Habang May Buhay by ABS-CBN is going to be a deal breaker ever since I saw Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes pulling each other’s hair in the hospital. Though it was amusing to see these two hurting each other like they used to do in Mara Clara, it doesn’t do wonders because it has put the professionalism of nurses, even doctors, in question.

Not to mention, there’s countless medical FAIL shown. I just have to laugh. Don’t get me started on that seizure scene. That’s an entirely different story that deserves another blog post.

I knew I shouldn’t laugh anymore when I found out about Ang Nars’ letter to ABS-CBN about this scene where a nurse was shown to have sex with a patient. I went “WTH?!” because I saw that episode while I was channel surfing. I just flipped on the remote because I know that’s it’s just another unnecessary sex on Philippine primetime. Heck, I didn’t even know that the girl was a nurse.

Everyone knows how powerful media is. Even the crappiest of all lies would look believable if shown on TV. I know what’s next: everyone’s going to think that nurses are sex objects. So even if you go on telling people that we have a Code of Ethics and that the scene is bullshit, you can’t just modify that primary thought instilled by TV. Although it might happen, they have no basis that it actually happens. Why create a fictitious scene?

The reality is most nurses can’t even have a decent meal while on duty because they have a 1:5-1:20 nurse-patient ratio. With the workload, they can’t manage to squeeze that in. Carnal knowledge isn’t included in our Manual of Nursing Procedures or the Fundamental of Nursing book, thank you very much.

Like they actually need to read that. They fucking wrote their own manual.

And it pissed me off to know that ABS-CBN took the liberty to be guided by NBI for that “Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo” thing. Were they afraid that NBI would kick their buns everyday for the rest of their lives once they fail? Probably. If it was so, why the heck can’t they ask the Philippine Nurses Association to help them portray Jane properly?


If they couldn’t even ask PNA’s help or can’t portray nurses properly, they should just stick to making soap operas where there are rainbow-pooping ponies, flying goats or whatever. Or they can ask Justin Timberlake if he has four minutes to save the world. Then maybe all of us might live in harmony.

Image from: ABS-CBN Forums