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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Di Ko Ma-Gets

This is one TV commercial (TVC) that I don’t understand:

Bakit ka bibili ng regular bacon at margarine kung ayaw mong ipakain sa asawa mo? Pwede namang bumili ng lean meat at reduced fat or zero fat margarine kung gusto mo ng cholesterol controlled diet. Not to mention, the girl’s throat clearing sounds really annoying. Pretty pa naman si ate.

Can someone please enlighten me on this one? My realistic thinking seems to be clouding my appreciation for marketing strategies so if you know the answer and even bother answering, thank you very much.


doc with a quill said...

I couldn't agree more.

Cors said...

Kainis di ba?Nakakabobo na ewan and maybe my realistic thinking too,affects my appreciation for commercials like this.

KC said...

I don't know why it bugs me a lot. Marami naman kasing mga commercials na di applicable sa real life setting that I find hilarious. Well, maybe this one isn't supposed to be hilarious kaya di ko pa rin gets.