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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Grammar Police - Repost

Was browsing through my blog entries and my Multiply account. Old but I still LOL'ed. Original entry from my Multiply site.

Ever since my Gossip Girl Pinoy Version was discussed in Chuvaness' blog, my blog stats went up due to the influx of visitors from her site. And these sets of visitors probably included this anonymous commentor who said:

Grammar Police

I was perplexed because this person clearly did not get the essence of exaggeration and shoved up into my ass the textbook-based technicalities of the English language. So I told this person in my most polite explanation:

Grammar Police2

I should've included: "Thank you, Captain Anonymous Asshole, Sir". Heh.

Clearly, this dude doesn't know that exaggeration (hyperbole) is also part of the English language by means of the figures of speech. And as a sucker for formality, shouldn't this person know how dynamic and flexible the rules are? What pissed me off that bad is he/she started to intimidate me by asking dumbass questions and assuming I have pyloric fucking stenosis, as if I don't know what the hell is that.

I should probably tell this fucktard to log on to Urban Dictionary.com.

I am also a "grammar police" but I don't go around and tell people that their grammar is fucking wrong...I just say it out loud when (1) the person is insulting but is using wrong grammar and (2) if the sentence belongs to a paragraph in a thesis or in any formal document.

So if you're a loud grammar police like this loser, a piece of advice: when you correct other people, make sure your corrections don't have epic fail written all over it.

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