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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Old School Calculating Is Still The Best

Oh gaahd. I'm so bored out of my wits so I tried de-cluttering my email inbox and suddenly became interested in all things old school. And it reminded me of those old sites I used to visit during internet lab hours back in my sophomore year in high school. So I typed one of them in. Boy oh boy, I was surprised that it is still up and running. I couldn't contain my hyenic laughter upon typing my victims' crushes' names.

Before all those love quizzes appeared in Facebook, I now present what we, the lowly jologs have: the Love Calculator.

Let's try it, boys and girls.

Exhibit A:
Lalaban Tayo.

Exhibit B:
Parang grade lang sa isang barberong Rel. Ed. essay nung college

Exhibit C:
*tili* kay sugar_baron? *himatay*

Amazing! Konti na lang maniniwala na ako kaya nilagay ko agad ang pangalan ni"JJ" para makita ang aming kapalaran. At ito ang lumabas:


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