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Monday, 31 May 2010

Kontra Bulate Chronicle #1: My Road To Johannesburg…Is Never Going To Be Constructed

As the Spartan King was recounting his long journey in the African continent, he mentioned that after they left Ankara, they set out for South Africa. Knowing that South Africa is the host for this year’s FIFA World Cup, I began to get excited and asked him where exactly they went to.

“Sa Johannesburg.”

I grew more excited. “Ay talaga Daddy? Nakita mo ba yung ginagawa dun, yung ano, yung Football City ata yun? Nakita ko kasi sa National Geographic.”

“Kasi nga may laro dun ngayon kaya maraming tao.” He replied.

“Ay na-excite ako!”

Just as I was thinking that the King of Sparta will share my sentiment, he looked scandalized and almost yelled: “Ano, na-eexcite ka? Paano ka ma-eexcite dun? Puro luko-luko ang mga tao dun. Yung team nga ng Colombia, na-hold up silang lahat. Tapos ma-eexcite ka. Ma-hold up ka pa dun.”


But I had to LOL at his facial expression which shows of disbelief and annoyance at my excitement. All I said was, “Talaga?!” and then he went on about what the Colombians went through to get justice for what they experienced since the King and his men saw the team while filing a complaint.

And then I shut up. Trust the King of Sparta to rain on my parade. I saw The Mummy giving me an o-ano-wala-kang-laban-diyan look. And then she sniggered.

Aha, he’s definitely back.

Kontra Bulate Chronicles

Because the Daddy is already home, my mom, my siblings and I will experience the wrath of his joy killing. Sometimes it pisses me off really bad but most of the time (about 70%) he makes me LOL. And since I get a kick out of reminiscing how my dad and I argue, I will start writing a series of dialogues that I shall lovingly refer to as the “Kontra Bulate Chronicles”. The cast of characters are:

• Daddy - King of Sparta
• Mommy- The Mummy (Oh, how creative!)
• Ate Richie- Ms. Australia
• Charmaine- Ms. Japan
• Christopher- Pogi
• Me- Narrator

Kontra bulate is our family slang for “kontrabida” or antagonist. Our dad always seems to find something negative in almost anything we like to do so we gave him the nickname, even if we know that he means well. And it’s also mommy’s way of getting back at daddy after he referred to her as “Seksing Butete”.

We poke fun at each other so don’t get all prissy. That’s how we roll.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Back To School Resolutions

Since sophomore year is just around the corner, here are some of my plans to make my two semesters productive.
  • Study very well. Read in advance- Although I did this in my freshman year, I just need to write this down again to remind myself that I shouldn’t be lazy and exert double effort.
  • Aim for exemption in all subjects- I just aimed for the passing grade because I thought I couldn’t get an exemption. But surprise, surprise! I did get exempted in majority of the subjects even Biochemistry, the phantom menace.
  • Eat right- Since I suffered from the “jazz pants syndrome” on my second semester, I need to cut down on excessive food intake. Not only that, I need to save myself from brain shriveling food and start eating healthful ones that actually boost my brain power. Seryoso, meron nyan! I read it at Women’s Health Magazine.
  • Wag maging kill joy- I’ll try not to say no when my friends ask me to come with them to the mall or something. Unless I’m tired or feeling extremely lazy. I think I’ll need more periods of chillaxin’ this year in order to get over the stressful life ahead. So I say GO GO GO!
  • Wag umasa sa trans- dahil hindi naman lahat ng nakasulat dun, lumalabas. Unless the professors told you to pay attention to the notes they gave you, then that’s the time I’d actually take time to read it. Sa totoo lang, minsan natatanga ako sa trans.
So that’s it. This is different from New Year’s resolutions because I happen to actually do this since I don’t want to mess up. I mess up NY’s resolutions even if I hadn’t made one. Haha.

Dear Goyardina,

Sige na, ikaw na ang reyna ng dalampasigan…

At doon na lang ako sa ilalim ng tubig. Parang shokoy lang.


Dear Classmates,

Through thick and thin, exemption or finals, we will become doctors.
See you! :)

I Was Bitten By The Island Bug

Those who know me really well are aware that I don’t like huge throngs of people, especially during times of much needed relaxation. However, Boracay is an exception. How can I resist the abundance of water activities and sights to see? Since no one gives a shit on what you wear or whether you actually exist, you can feel that there’s no huge crowd even if 1/6 of Manila’s population is there. And that’s also one of the reasons why I love that place.

Even if they say that Boracay is the new jologs haven, I don’t care. I’ll always come back. ♥

Thursday, 13 May 2010


Guess how many people own the stuff in these photos.

My sister Richie and Charmaine own of those stuff. It’s three years’ worth of accumulated stuff and junk in their dorm room.

Houston, I Have A Problem. But I Caused It.

Our 5-month old male tabby cat, Chiyo and I have gotten close over the summer break. Since I was bored out of my brains, I resorted to playing with Chiyo and his mom, Evil Kitty as a form of entertainment. Because of that, I usually find Chiyo in close proximity most of the time when I’m entitled to some inactivity. Like now as I’m typing this, the cat is sleeping behind my netbook and Evil Kitty is sleeping in the staircase behind me. I guess they found themselves a sucker for their cunning feline cuteness.

When I left for Boracay, Chiyo got sick. He was salivating, timid, had a wounded snout, was coughing, had snot blocking its left nostril, refused to play and couldn’t meow. It scared me shitless as the word RABIES kept ringing in my ear. However, it is eating and drinking normally and even developed a liking for sweet corn.

Incidentally, when I returned home the cat slowly got better after a few days. I joked that Chiyo just missed me that’s why it got sick. My mom countered, “Paano yan kapag may pasok ka na? Baka magkasakit na naman yan.”

Thanks to that train of thought, I’m going paranoid. I can only think of giving myself a pat on the back then kicking myself afterwards for cracking a joke that my mom would eventually turn against me.

My Idea Of Relieving Exam-Induced Stress

Freedom is LOVE. I thought nail polish is a no-no in med school as it was during nursing school but I was wrong. They wouldn’t shoot fire out of their eyeballs if they saw you sporting pink nails. Yay! So with the stress of the final exams, I had to detox using the tried and tested board-exam tension relieving method of Toyang, Mama Les and moi: putting on nail polish. I was so high so I painted each fingernail in a different color using the samples from The Face Shop and Skin Food.

I don’t know why it works for me. Maybe it’s the fumes.

Practice Makes Perfect

…unfortunately, it may give you bruises on the process. But hey, it’s still worth it. So let’s keep practicing. :)

* Bruise caused by incessant practicing how to elicit deep tendon reflexes on myself.

Power Packed Meals Are The Shiznit!

If the Japanese have the Bento box, St. Paul Manila has its own version.

The catch is that it only consists of one serving of rice and a viand. But it doesn’t stop there because it is just a part of their meal package. Yup, a meal package. I guess it’s a way of the SPC sisters to still take care of us even if we’re away and probably a way to justify that we get what we’re paying for.

I got firsthand experience of this kind of meal pack whenever I get sent to medical missions and when I was still a dormer at the University dorm. You get this lunch box, a fruit (a banana or an orange) and a juice drink. It’s enough to provide you energy for performing the most treacherous and the most unforgiving tasks. And enough glucose for your brain to help you identify that I just made a lame imitation of Bear Grylls. So I figured that these meal packs are the best.

Or so I’ve realized.

What I don’t know is that their Nursing graduates who are in the in-house review program receive the mother ship of all meal packs throughout the two days of the board exam. Day 1 of the board exam and I’m feeling jittery that I didn’t notice that my meal pack is heavier than usual. I casually slipped the relief good-style package to my paper bag and focused more on calling all the saints and the beatified people that I know of.

As I laid my paper bag on the platform of my exam room, I noticed that people gave me funny looks whenever they take a peek at my paper bag. At a designated time for a quick snack, I realized why they went WTH over my pack. The food that the trusty school canteen staff prepared is enough to feed an entire row of examinees. For real (we’re 5 in a row). Let’s enumerate the contents:

1. 2 bottles of San Paolo purified drinking water.
2. 2 tetra packs of Zest-O orange juice drink (The only “artificial” thing on the menu)
3. 1 piece of freshly baked ensaymada (rumor has it that the school chef baked it herself)
4. 1 St. Paul lunch box with a serving of rice and viand
5. 1 piece of medium sized Mandarin orange
6. 1 piece of medium sized banana
7. 1 triple decker tuna sandwich (which I ate for breakfast as a preventive measure for puking my guts out due to nervousness)

Basically, that’s it. Why should I pay attention to their funny looks when I’m basking in satiety (plus the Omega 3 and 6) that my tuna sandwich can provide? I truly appreciate the effort behind the meal pack I was carrying. A lot of thought was put into it so that we wouldn’t have brain-wilting food preservatives in our blood stream during the exams. When Day 2 came I mastered the art of ignoring those who took a peek at my pack.

Three years has passed since I last received a St. Paul meal pack and I must say that I kind of miss getting one.