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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Back To School Resolutions

Since sophomore year is just around the corner, here are some of my plans to make my two semesters productive.
  • Study very well. Read in advance- Although I did this in my freshman year, I just need to write this down again to remind myself that I shouldn’t be lazy and exert double effort.
  • Aim for exemption in all subjects- I just aimed for the passing grade because I thought I couldn’t get an exemption. But surprise, surprise! I did get exempted in majority of the subjects even Biochemistry, the phantom menace.
  • Eat right- Since I suffered from the “jazz pants syndrome” on my second semester, I need to cut down on excessive food intake. Not only that, I need to save myself from brain shriveling food and start eating healthful ones that actually boost my brain power. Seryoso, meron nyan! I read it at Women’s Health Magazine.
  • Wag maging kill joy- I’ll try not to say no when my friends ask me to come with them to the mall or something. Unless I’m tired or feeling extremely lazy. I think I’ll need more periods of chillaxin’ this year in order to get over the stressful life ahead. So I say GO GO GO!
  • Wag umasa sa trans- dahil hindi naman lahat ng nakasulat dun, lumalabas. Unless the professors told you to pay attention to the notes they gave you, then that’s the time I’d actually take time to read it. Sa totoo lang, minsan natatanga ako sa trans.
So that’s it. This is different from New Year’s resolutions because I happen to actually do this since I don’t want to mess up. I mess up NY’s resolutions even if I hadn’t made one. Haha.

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