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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Houston, I Have A Problem. But I Caused It.

Our 5-month old male tabby cat, Chiyo and I have gotten close over the summer break. Since I was bored out of my brains, I resorted to playing with Chiyo and his mom, Evil Kitty as a form of entertainment. Because of that, I usually find Chiyo in close proximity most of the time when I’m entitled to some inactivity. Like now as I’m typing this, the cat is sleeping behind my netbook and Evil Kitty is sleeping in the staircase behind me. I guess they found themselves a sucker for their cunning feline cuteness.

When I left for Boracay, Chiyo got sick. He was salivating, timid, had a wounded snout, was coughing, had snot blocking its left nostril, refused to play and couldn’t meow. It scared me shitless as the word RABIES kept ringing in my ear. However, it is eating and drinking normally and even developed a liking for sweet corn.

Incidentally, when I returned home the cat slowly got better after a few days. I joked that Chiyo just missed me that’s why it got sick. My mom countered, “Paano yan kapag may pasok ka na? Baka magkasakit na naman yan.”

Thanks to that train of thought, I’m going paranoid. I can only think of giving myself a pat on the back then kicking myself afterwards for cracking a joke that my mom would eventually turn against me.

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