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Monday, 31 May 2010

Kontra Bulate Chronicle #1: My Road To Johannesburg…Is Never Going To Be Constructed

As the Spartan King was recounting his long journey in the African continent, he mentioned that after they left Ankara, they set out for South Africa. Knowing that South Africa is the host for this year’s FIFA World Cup, I began to get excited and asked him where exactly they went to.

“Sa Johannesburg.”

I grew more excited. “Ay talaga Daddy? Nakita mo ba yung ginagawa dun, yung ano, yung Football City ata yun? Nakita ko kasi sa National Geographic.”

“Kasi nga may laro dun ngayon kaya maraming tao.” He replied.

“Ay na-excite ako!”

Just as I was thinking that the King of Sparta will share my sentiment, he looked scandalized and almost yelled: “Ano, na-eexcite ka? Paano ka ma-eexcite dun? Puro luko-luko ang mga tao dun. Yung team nga ng Colombia, na-hold up silang lahat. Tapos ma-eexcite ka. Ma-hold up ka pa dun.”


But I had to LOL at his facial expression which shows of disbelief and annoyance at my excitement. All I said was, “Talaga?!” and then he went on about what the Colombians went through to get justice for what they experienced since the King and his men saw the team while filing a complaint.

And then I shut up. Trust the King of Sparta to rain on my parade. I saw The Mummy giving me an o-ano-wala-kang-laban-diyan look. And then she sniggered.

Aha, he’s definitely back.


Jakey Junkie said...

Oh, OH. Tough luck for Colombians.

I've been watching FIFA, and rooting for Brazil.

KC said...

So they must win the championships as a big FU to those who nabbed them. :P

Oh rly?! Only a few people I know are watching so it's good to know that another one is watching. I'm rooting for Spain and Argentina.