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Monday, 31 May 2010

Kontra Bulate Chronicles

Because the Daddy is already home, my mom, my siblings and I will experience the wrath of his joy killing. Sometimes it pisses me off really bad but most of the time (about 70%) he makes me LOL. And since I get a kick out of reminiscing how my dad and I argue, I will start writing a series of dialogues that I shall lovingly refer to as the “Kontra Bulate Chronicles”. The cast of characters are:

• Daddy - King of Sparta
• Mommy- The Mummy (Oh, how creative!)
• Ate Richie- Ms. Australia
• Charmaine- Ms. Japan
• Christopher- Pogi
• Me- Narrator

Kontra bulate is our family slang for “kontrabida” or antagonist. Our dad always seems to find something negative in almost anything we like to do so we gave him the nickname, even if we know that he means well. And it’s also mommy’s way of getting back at daddy after he referred to her as “Seksing Butete”.

We poke fun at each other so don’t get all prissy. That’s how we roll.

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