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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Power Packed Meals Are The Shiznit!

If the Japanese have the Bento box, St. Paul Manila has its own version.

The catch is that it only consists of one serving of rice and a viand. But it doesn’t stop there because it is just a part of their meal package. Yup, a meal package. I guess it’s a way of the SPC sisters to still take care of us even if we’re away and probably a way to justify that we get what we’re paying for.

I got firsthand experience of this kind of meal pack whenever I get sent to medical missions and when I was still a dormer at the University dorm. You get this lunch box, a fruit (a banana or an orange) and a juice drink. It’s enough to provide you energy for performing the most treacherous and the most unforgiving tasks. And enough glucose for your brain to help you identify that I just made a lame imitation of Bear Grylls. So I figured that these meal packs are the best.

Or so I’ve realized.

What I don’t know is that their Nursing graduates who are in the in-house review program receive the mother ship of all meal packs throughout the two days of the board exam. Day 1 of the board exam and I’m feeling jittery that I didn’t notice that my meal pack is heavier than usual. I casually slipped the relief good-style package to my paper bag and focused more on calling all the saints and the beatified people that I know of.

As I laid my paper bag on the platform of my exam room, I noticed that people gave me funny looks whenever they take a peek at my paper bag. At a designated time for a quick snack, I realized why they went WTH over my pack. The food that the trusty school canteen staff prepared is enough to feed an entire row of examinees. For real (we’re 5 in a row). Let’s enumerate the contents:

1. 2 bottles of San Paolo purified drinking water.
2. 2 tetra packs of Zest-O orange juice drink (The only “artificial” thing on the menu)
3. 1 piece of freshly baked ensaymada (rumor has it that the school chef baked it herself)
4. 1 St. Paul lunch box with a serving of rice and viand
5. 1 piece of medium sized Mandarin orange
6. 1 piece of medium sized banana
7. 1 triple decker tuna sandwich (which I ate for breakfast as a preventive measure for puking my guts out due to nervousness)

Basically, that’s it. Why should I pay attention to their funny looks when I’m basking in satiety (plus the Omega 3 and 6) that my tuna sandwich can provide? I truly appreciate the effort behind the meal pack I was carrying. A lot of thought was put into it so that we wouldn’t have brain-wilting food preservatives in our blood stream during the exams. When Day 2 came I mastered the art of ignoring those who took a peek at my pack.

Three years has passed since I last received a St. Paul meal pack and I must say that I kind of miss getting one.

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