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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Goodbye Chimay Mode, Hello 80% Hell

All summer long, I’m working like a slave. I did most of the household chores with little or no help and I hate it. It’s a bit unglamorous but we don’t have a maid so I have to do it. It has its advantages though, because I get to make sure that everything is disinfected. I like my stuff disinfected. Plus I get to bitch around whenever there are some forms of irresponsibility that break the cleanliness and I end up getting exempted from doing a chore since I refuse to do so because I’m totally pissed.

And all that’s going to end as school starts. Thankfully.

The only catch is I’m kind of scared to go back to school because the 80% exemption grade is also going to be applied to the upperclassmen. Oh noes!

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