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Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Social Caterpillar of Sports

My Facebook wall was previously loaded with “Go Celtics” or “Go Lakers” posts and I totally can’t relate even if I knew technicalities in basketball. Well, I used to watch basketball but lost interest so I shifted to other things like tennis. Since I don’t have ninja reflexes, I admire these tennis players for their smart but quick moves. They have it in basketball but it’s kind of different because the ball is much smaller and travels in hundreds of kilometers per hour. And I also like the spontaneous game planning. Would they squash the ball or do a drop shot?

Not to mention, they have hot players whose names sound so sexy that you’d actually attempt to substitute your surname with theirs. Example:

Robin Soderling : Kristine Anne Soderling
Roger Federer : Kristine Anne Federer (PWEDE!!! Kaso hindi na talaga mangyayari ito. Lol.)
Novak Djokovic : Kristine Anne Djokovic
Andy Roddick : Kristine Anne Roddick
Rafael Nadal : Kristine Anne Nadal (PWEDENG-PWEDE!!! How I wish.)
♥♥Te quiero♥♥

Plus, no one will be such a kontra-bulate when it comes to tennis. I find sports arguments tiresome because no one would allow themselves to lose. And because tennis isn’t popular here, I’m spared from having to argue with others.

Excitement: Check.
On the spot Game Planning: Check
Fangirl Satisfaction: Double check.
Major Argument Prevention: Check.

So tennis works better for me, aside from the fact that I took up tennis lessons when I was a kid. Kbye.

Images from:
Nadal: http://www.rundschau-online.de/ks/images/mdsBild
Federer: http://www.digitaljournal.com
Djokovic: http://www.eurosong2008belgrade.com


ardee sean said...

hindi to complaint ha.. hehe.. wala akong paglagyan eh, pero gusto ko lng sabihin.. nice po yung bago nyong layout, neat, sobrang maayos. ngayon lng ako nakabalik.. hehe nawala mga links ko eh :P

KC said...

Thanks Ardee. :)