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Thursday, 21 October 2010

18-0 Is The Shiznit!

Boastfulness: To Infinity and Beyond!

I don't know about you, but I get a kick out of the word "boastful". For starters, this used to be an insult hurled toward my friends who are medical technologists because they were passing the crappiest exams there is. At first we were annoyed because it was totally unfair to call them that and it isn't their fault if those who said that are failing the test. And we also found out that we were the topic of the "madamot sa trans" statuses in Facebook. 

The boastful kids

And after 20 eons, I have come into blogging about it. Lol. Let me rationalize our actions that were misunderstood by the humble ones:
  1. We do not make transcriptions for you because we are not your fucking trans committee. It was proposed by the class president but you guys refused so we decided to make our own transcriptions for our group. Get it? OUR GROUP. See number 3.
  2. People are waiting for trans to magically drop from the sky, like manna from heaven. They complain when we are delayed in uploading and then they say more bullshit than what Cristy Fermin can cook up. Transcription making is a bitch. I have been making transcriptions last year so I know how hard it is to make. Whatever that is not included in the lecture notes, I look it up in the book and add it with my own lecture notes. Really tedious, I tell you.
  3. We are not totally heartless. it's just that transcriptions do not have feet so it will not come to you as soon as we print it. By virtue of logic, you have to ask us for a copy so that you can have the transcription. Nobody asks so we don't give it out. It is obnoxious to offer it to the entire class when we know that every group is making their own. 
  4. In our group, majority of us are Liaison Officers (LO). The misconception is that LO's are supposed to make transcriptions. It just so happened that I like to make transcriptions of Pathology. Lol. For me, the job description of the LO is poorly defined. For starters, our role is to get a copy of the lecture and to communicate with the professors and that's it. Nowadays, I rarely share my copy of the lecture in Pathology because I make it at the last minute, people say that I don't do my job. Well technically it is not part of my job and you as a student, you are not doing YOUR job of reading your book.
But since it was totally illogical to even wallow in anger, we decided to poke fun at it by calling our group: BOASTFULS and assigned a moniker based on our pre-med dgree. Of course, Ice and I the boastful RN's, Khat, Ricky, Rap and Rexor are the boastful RMT's while Portia and Russ are boastful biologists, Clarisse is the boastful pharmacist and Jek is the boastful biochemist.


We have forgiven them already because I think they don't know what they're saying. Rly. And now, they are at our mercy. And that is an example of extreme boastfulness. Hrhr.

I Am A Proud Bedan

I know that San Beda is not that popular in the realm of medicine but I don't see why you should be ashamed to say that I AM A BEDAN. I find it really funny to hear that some people do not admit this, but instead pose as a student of the Premier State University up to now. And it makes me go WTF.

I am saying this, not only because we rule in sports, Law and Business Courses, it's also because the school is helping me be something I really want: A GOOD PHYSICIAN.
Jeje. Hrhr.

In the gym..where champions are made. :)

Future Bedan Doctors

But come to think of it, she gives me a good LOL, that person. *snigger*

Let's All Gawk At The Awesomeness of Shakira's Leading Man

This must be LOVE! Lol.