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Saturday, 23 April 2011


Whenever I feel like playing around with clothes, I log on to Looklet.
It's like your closet, minus the mess. Here are some of the what I came up with:

 Halatang walang magawa. Lol.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cliff Diving Is The Shizz!

Thanks to our free time in the APMC Team Building and Planning, I got the opportunity to cliff dive in Tali Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas. Although I have epic FAIL moments after the dive, I must say that this experience is one big epic WIN.

One epic winning experience is when Benedict took us to the caves just near the drop site. The FAIL is when I swam back, I didn't notice that I was carried by the current near the rocks. I slammed against the barnacle encrusted rock and got wounded. Not only that, as I swam nearer the bamboo ladder to climb up the rocks, I got mild leg cramps. I have to admit that I got scared so I opted not to jump again. Leg cramps is a swimmer's number one enemy. Pfft!

Anyway, if I get the chance to cliff dive again, I'd do it again. But first, I'll check the current and make sure I warm up before swimming to prevent cramps since it's a long swim from the site to the ladder. Safety should always be your priority.


Stop Forced Volunteerism - Forwarded Email

ANG NARS Signature Campaign against Forced Volunteerism goes ONLINE! please refer to Instructions.doc for the details. Download links are in the comments.

This is for Nurses everywhere! Do this for Profession, do this for your families! You CAN help in your own little way.

Signature Campaign Version 1.2

WINRAR Installer

(General Instructions)

“FORCED VOLUNTEERISM” is the practice of having Non-Employee Registered Nurses work in a hospital (either government or private), with similar workloads and responsibilities of employed staff, for the premise of, but not limited to: receiving Training/Volunteer Certificates, and increased chances of being hired. They are either unpaid, insufficiently paid, or the required to pay a fee to render Nursing services.

FORCED VOLUNTEERISM prevents Nurses from being hired because Nursing Plantilla Positions are filled up by Volunteers. According to the International Council of Nurses’(ICN) November 2010 Asia Nursing Workforce Forum, Training and Volunteer certificates do NOT count as work experience, and WON'T be recognized abroad. Therefore, ANG NARS believes that is practice is exploitative to Nurses’ Human and Professional Rights, and should be abolished.

To petition the President of the Philippines, Benigno S. Aquino III, to stop FORCED VOLUNTEERISM in all hospitals and Local Government Units, in order for Nurses to get equal opportunity to work, and for the hospitals to be aware that Registered Nurses are supposed to be treated with dignity, and be provided with “Tamang Trabaho, Tamang Sweldo, Tamang Solusyon”.

To organize the Signature Campaign as a tool to appeal to the Philippine Government to eradicate FORCED Volunteerism in all hospitals, and stop perpetuating this twisted concept of “Volunteerism”.

To gather 1 Million signatures from various concerned groups and citizens.
To form a committee that will spearhead the Signature Campaign.
To strengthen the ANG NARS Membership Campaign in order to organize ANG NARS SATELLITE OFFICES (ANSO), and gain regional support and coordination.

Nursing Students, Nursing Graduates, Nurses’ families and friends (general public, high-school aged and above).

500,000 signatures to be gathered in the NCR
Remaining numbers to be gathered through the Regional Networks

First half of 2011 - Petition letter to be given to Pres. Benigno Aquino prior to his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 2011.

Please return all forms as soon as you can, so that we can collate the results ASAP. We wish to reduce the instance of back-log when counting the signatures, especially when near July 2011.

VIII. Forms:
ANG NARS retains the intellectual rights to all these forms; please do not alter them in any way. Any suggestions to adapt the language into any local dialect must first be approved by your local ANG NARS Satellite Office (ANSO). All ANSOs must first endorse changes to the ANG NARS National Office(ANNO) before changes are approved. (Please refer below for contact details to the ANNO; if no ANSO exists in your area, please endorse directly to the ANNO)

1) Primer:
May be mass-produced to be disseminated amongst the public, not just to Nurses. The Signature Campaign is also an Awareness Campaign, and we invite our young Nurses to include their parents, who normally are the ones who push them to do FORCED Volunteerism.

2) Signature Campaign Forms:
The “Address” written, may be a general address (we only need the city/ town/ brgy, etc.), and not the complete address of the signatory.
Every form must have Page 1 in front; Page 2 may be replicated according to need.
Both pages are to be printed in an 8.5” x 13” (LONG) bond paper.
Please complete a page before writing on the next page to facilitate ease of counting.

ANG NARS is also advocates for ZERO Waste, we do not want to use more paper than we need.

IX. Submission:
All forms are to be submitted to: 09158124287; 4480826
Unit 208, #385 GJ Bldg., Quezon Ave, Q.C.

Please take care of the forms, use ink whenever possible, avoid erasures, and ask people to write legibly. We cannot pass the forms to the President if they are not legible or of good condition.

Actual signature forms are preferable to digital scans. If you are unable to pass forms either personally or by snail mail, please e-mail your unaltered, high-resolution scans to: stopforcedvolunteerism@yahoo.com

**ANG NARS aims to protect Nurse's rights and will never reveal your identity.


Prepared by:
NARS Leah Samaco- Paquiz, RN, RT, MAN, MPH, Ed.D.
NARS Carlo
(Feb 2011)